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My diet doesn't really change THAT much. I have a digestive condition where I can't have wheat, gluten, dairy, or sugar so I need to be careful not only to stay in shape but to also avoid stomach pains. But I do occasionally like to have peanut butter, frozen yogurt, and pizza. Thanks to my nutrition program and supplements through Herbalife, we have tablets that take out the saturated fat before your body absorbs it, so if you like that pizza, pasta, or icecream, NO PROBLEM. We call it our "cheat tablet" because we feel like we are cheating, eating the foods we like, but never gain weight from it! But during competition prep there is only ONE cheat meal per week. And I eat alot of salads, tuna, fish, and at least a gallon of water or more a day (flush the system for flat abs).

The diet I have found that is most effective is a balanced diet of high protein and complex carbohydrates. I use the Herbalife 24 nutrition line. It has take my results to another level. It literally cut my prep time down in half because it has the perfect blend of whey protein, carbohydrates, and water. We had 42 Olympians on our line, the LA Galaxy men's soccer team, and many other fitness competitors as well as I. Making sure you're getting the right amount of protein and carbohydrates for your body is crucial. Sometimes you can get either too much or not enough and that messes with your desired result.

So on my nutrition program I have 2 shakes a day, two high protein snacks in between, one FULL colorful meal, and at least a gallon of water a day as well. I love the idea of my cells being fed on a hourly basis to be performing at the optimum level. I also take our multivitamin, celluloss (helps with water retention, diminish look of cellulite), total control (burns fat, blocks cravings, and boost metabolism), Herbalife line (omega 3's), cellactivator (absorbs nutrition into the cells), thermobond (cheat tab), and also restore (helps with inflammation of the muscles so I'm not sore the next day). I've never experienced my body feel and look so clean. I'm excited to be gearing up for next competition season and not having to be miserable with 6 meals a day of just chicken, rice, and asparagus, and having variety.

I really haven't tried any diet that "didn't work". I just followed what my coaches have given me. But I like variety. I felt like I was eating the exact same thing over, and over, and over again. So now on my Herbalife nutrition program I feel like I'm having ice cream when I have my shakes, I'm full all day, and I know that I'm getting all the nutrients my body needs that we don't get from food. Which in return gives mad results in half the time.

Oh man, if anyone knows anything about me, i LOVE to eat! I love cupcakes so I make my clean cupcakes with my Herbalife 24 Formula One Sport. Nutrition IN a cupcake, yes please.

I also love peppers! So I make stuffed peppers alot at home!
Cut the tops of red or yellow peppers
Saute ground turkey in a pan
add onions, black olives, and mushrooms
then stuff the cooked ground turkey in the peppers placed in a back dish
put the tops back on the peppers and cook in the over on 375 degrees for about 45 mins

And my Favorite- Protein Pancakes!
5 egg whites
1/3 cup oats
2 scoops Formula one sport
Whip it in the magic bullet to make batter
cook on stove top and top with sugar free syrup

My weight program varies. I try to do 3 full body workouts per week, cardio 5 times a week, with 2 sprint intervals. Lots of push ups, pull ups, squats, and plyometrics. I gained the muscle I wanted to with weights, now I'm just trying to lean out with body weight workouts. It really helps that I live by the beach in Santa Monica where there are people always working out at the Santa Monica stairs, Muscle beach, or going for runs. We also have fit clubs 3 days a week as well. So I'm always making sure I'm on my "A" game. I rarely do abs because abs are made in the kitchen! It's all about what you eat! You have to balance your diet and your workouts. You could be in the gym for hours on end, but if your nutrition isn't right, you'll never see results. During competition prep, I really only have to work out 3 days a week! These rest is just for fun and my own personal development.

Brooke Lynne
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