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I had been a personal trainer for a couple of years before I thought about competing. I had never even heard of it much less considered it until I saw someone I knew posting some pictures of their competition. She had a rockin body obviously and an awesome transformation that was extremely inspiring. I had played sports in high school and college so competition was nothing new to me and it was appealing to have a new goal something to motivate me as well as validate my profession. After my first competition where I placed first, it was obviously very motivating and I really fell in love with the process.

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Between off season and competition time my diet really doesn't change much. My husband and I own an organic vegetable farm so my we eat really well regardless of competition. I'd say the biggest change comes with me trying new recipes and getting more adventurous in the kitchen without having to stress about tracking. I love to bake so that's definitely something I do more of. I definitely don't stress too much about treats that people make or offer me so much either. I use clean eating/IIFYM for the most part, and occasionally intermittent fasting. This has been the best way for me to maintain balance. I REALLY love food so using intermittent fasting especially in the off season allows me to incorporate bigger meals with family.

I have done strict clean eating for my first couple competitions, and while its fine and works great to reach my goals- for someone who wants to make a lifestyle out of competing and loves food so much it's not realistic in keeping me happy.

I really try to keep a wide range of techniques in my training to be ready for anything. For me, it's not just about training for a competition but training for functionality. I started lifting crossfit style which I really love because of the competition drive and the high intensity but I have since began doing a more bodybuilding split to allow for better development and recovery. I incorporate HIIT cardio 2 or 3 times a week in competition season and usually on the treadmill or stair stepper. In off season when it doesn't need to be so regulated I will do more crossfit style bodyweight HIIT. Once a week or every two weeks I will do an endurance workout to make sure I still can:). Diet is really everything though. You have to eat to build muscle and you can lose weight without moving a muscle but to do it right you have to focus on it all.

Honestly I've never been very outgoing and always pretty shy but being in the gym and watching my physical abilities increase in the weight I could move and the progress I began to make with my physique was extremely motivating. I was still insanely nervous to step on that stage at first, let's be real no one LIKES to be judged, but I was just so proud of the progress I had made I didn't even care what the judges thought. Which is even more how I feel now and really try to stress to all my competitors.

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My most recent show was my first national show and also my first time using a coach for my last 4 weeks. It was great. I went in with no expectations, as I wanted to do it solely for the experience though I felt ready to be up there. It was the most calm I had ever been going into a show as I kind of knew what to expect and I had someone else telling me what I needed to eat throughout the day. Given that we didn't go on stage till almost midnight it was a rough, hungry day- but not stressful. I got antsy walking on stage and actually was so focused on my posing that I didn't even realize they were calling my number. Luckily I had a team mate on stage to quietly call me out through a gritted smile.

I plan to compete at Nationals in Vegas this year and possibly one show before then just as a warm up as I want as much time as possible to build in the areas necessary (glutes & hammies of course with more calves thrown in). I received great feedback from the head judge of the Florida show, so I'm not trying to change much, just come in a little more developed.

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