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I only trained for 8 months before I competed in my 1st bodybuilding comp! Crazy right! I can't believe it myself still, but boy was it life changing. I have always had health and fitness around me while growing up. My parents where bodybuilders, heavy weight lifting champs and more. Mum and Dad have had their gym for a very long time now and we also had a home gym. But I never got into weights until I moved out of home when I was 20. I have always been an active person always playing sports and running around at school, horses riding when I was younger. So when I moved out of home into the city I had nothing to do and my boyfriend at the time was going to the gym so I thought why not just go because I haven't got anything else to do.

So I started training, meeting new people and learning new things. The gym became my drug, and after a few months I decided I wanted to do a competition. My 1st competition prep was very very laid back as it was my 1st comp and didn't know what to expect. I asked my mum and dad for advice but then being in a different city means I had to make it up myself a lot. Anyway time went by, going to the gym every morning before and after work 6 months went by and my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. This had a huge impact and I didn't want to compete anymore, but friends and family helped me out and I pushed through it for the last two months, I got on that stage and felt a million dollars!! The best feeling ever when you have worked your but off to be where you are and to even place! Wow I had definitely caught the competing bug.

Since my 1st competition in October 2015 (Waikato's) I have since done another in October 2016 (nationals). After I came off of my diet after my 1st show I wasn't aware that you had to reverse diet to stop you from putting on a lot of weight and becoming sick. I ate chocolate and anything I could see, and I couldn't stop eating, I was sooo hungry and I never had the sensation of being full. Because I didn't know what to do with my 1st comp prep diet, I ate salad and protein day in and day out for more than 2 weeks which I didn't know but was literally starving my body, that's why when I came off I ate and ate and ate. I put on 17kg in the space of 8 months, until my 20 week cut for my next competition came around. At the time I didn't care because I was lifting heavy weights and feeling strong. Didn't look at how big I had gotten until half way through my cut. It was sooo hard mentally and physically to get down to where I needed to be I was tired and unmotivated crying almost everyday because I had let my body go. When I came out of my last comp I made an oath to myself that my life style would change and I would eat healthy! Which I am now doing!

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I find for me that low carb and high fats (natural fats) work for me better than high carbs. So what I would eat on a standard day would be, all bran in the morning with either honey or some protein, then salad made up of, lettuce carrot, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado red meat or chicken and sometimes some crispy noodles, an apple a day, I would get either cruskets or rice wafers and put avocado and tomatoes with a little bit of salt on top, maybe a coffee every other day, hand full of cashews. I always eat to how I'm feeling, I don't ever count calories or macros. Because my body is always changing and I'm me. I can feel what I need. Feeling low on energy eat a little bit of carbs or some natural sugars such as a piece of fruit.

Growing up with a bullied background meant that I was always super shy, bad anxiety and I wouldn't do anything by myself. I was bullied my whole high school years, which are the years as you grow your personality and who you are. I was in a shell. Training, going to the gym every spare moment I had and seeing my body change made me sooo much more confident. Becoming single and being able to push through being in a new city with no friends a new job, a new house with strangers and a break up that hurt a lot helped me. It threw me in the deep end not knowing how to swim, and I was forced to grow up and become independent. Which I learnt a lot and I'm very grateful for. So working my arse off in the gym keeping my mind busy to get over him and the things around me, the gym became my home, my safe place and my drug. When I was back stage with mum and stepping up the steps onto the stage to turn around and see hundreds of people staring at me and judging me was scary but absolutely exhilarating, when you come off stage you feel like you're on cloud nine! Seriously amazing, and the feeling never gets dull.

Current back condition 5 weeks out :) Keeping positive and busy, getting a bit hungry ! But it's okay :) ?????? #instafit #motivation #fit #TagsForLikes #TFLers #fitness #gymlife #pushpullgrind #grindout #flex #instafitness #gym #trainhard #eatclean #grow #focus #dedication #strength #ripped #swole #fitnessgear #muscle #shredded #squat #bigbench #cardio #sweat #grind #lifestyle #pushpullgrind #socialenvy

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What does 2017/18 have in store for me you may ask.
I thrive on helping people. I get a lot of questions through Facebook and Instagram about what they should be eating, how should they be training, how to look like me, and I am always willing to help, and I always do more than expected. I had a friend on Facebook who was always asking me questions on Facebook and about competing and because she was studying she didn't have enough money to pay a personal trainer or get a competition nutrition plan (which can cost thousands) so I said to her I would help her for free. I would take her through training 2-3 times a week, help her with posing and help her with eating where I could. And have helped a lot of others with training programmes and weight loss tips and they are seeing results and are very happy! Which makes me feel amazing!
This year I will be studying nutrition because I want to help people with diet, especially girls who are competing because I don't want them to go down the road that I went with my 1st Comp. I also will be competing when I get back from overseas in March next year!
My partner and I have many amazing plans to build ourselves in the health and fitness industry together to help people !

And if anyone needs personalised programmes or any help don't hesitate to message me on Instagram: brookellenbutterworth Or Facebook: Brooke Ellen Butterworth.

Special thank you to Jonathan Landau for this opportunity to share some of my story with everyone. I will probably make a video blog about my experience also ( sometime in the near future) And thank you all to who has read this article.

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