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Brittany: I have a background in dance. I had been a dancer since I two years old. Throughout high school I was on the dance team. Where I was awarded best dancer, and miss high kick. When I graduated in 2011, I was contemplating on trying out for a professional dance team or competing in a bodybuilding show. I am the type of person who loves a challenge. And for me dance always came easy to me. I was a natural at it and wanted to do something that was going to be a challenge for me. At that moment is when I decided I was going to compete in my first bodybuilding competition. In 2013 I hired my coach, Jerry Wagner and competed in the Bikini division.

Bikini wasn't really where my heart was. My heart had always been with Women's Physique. After I stepped off of that stage, I told myself and my coach Jerry, that I wasn't going to step back on stage until I was ready to compete in Women's Physique. I took a full year off and worked really hard to gain more muscle mass. In 2015 I competed at The Branch Warren Classic in the Women's Physique division and took 1st place!! I was living my dream! We are now in early 2016 and I am in preparation for my next show, July 29th in VEGAS at an attempt to earn my Pro Card!

Diet off-season VS pre-season

Prep life is very different. In the off season my diet is a little more lenient and life is a bit more relaxing. I take the offseason to grow, and to bring up my weaknesses in my physique. I am human, so in the offseason I do enjoy some yummy foods like donuts and cheesecake once in a while.
Pre season is a lot different. Everything is planned out and structured. Diet, training, & cardio. As soon as pre season starts, I get my mind right and keep my vision!

Failed Diets

Ketosis. I went on a keto (Adkins) diet back in highschool and it was a big mistake. Yes, I lost weight but when I started eating carbs again, I gained it back double. It isn't a healthy diet to follow. I believe that anyone can get into the best shape by a well balanced diet including carbs.


My first show when I competed in Bikini, I had always trained on my own. Even that year after in my off season I had always done my own training. It wasn't until after I won the Branch Warren Classic did I finally decide to hire a training coach. I am now training with Roland Gonzalez out of The Muscle Factory in San Antonio, Texas. Roland designed a training program for me and has definitely pushed me beyond my measures. My training includes high reps, low heavy reps, explosions and controlled negatives, band resistance training, and occlusion training. Roland is very big on "It's not about the weight" and I couldn't agree more. It is more about the mind to muscle connection and all about the squeeze. I have learned so much and can't wait to see what the outcome of my physique in July!

On Stage

I have never been a stage freight person. I love being on the stage! It is an amazing feeling knowing that you are showing off the physique you put in 20 weeks worth of hard work for!! That what you are presenting, no one could do it for you, you had to do it all yourself! Those days where you feel like you can't keep going, the hours of training and cardio, and the moments when you feel hungry and just flat tired.. all of that is irrelevant when you step foot on that stage! Hard work and dedication will always pay off in the end. This sport isn't easy. You have to be a strong person both mentally and physically!

Future Plans

I have a few long term and short term future plan goals.
I hope to get my pro card this year! That is my main focus for right now!
It would be my dream to win a pro show and be invited to compete at the Olympia! Besides winning shows, I hope to be an inspiration to others and live a healthy, happy life!

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Brittany Rice

Brittany Rice