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I started competing because I had an interest in becoming a Fitness Model and appearing in print magazines. I heard that the best way to accomplish those goals was to compete. I was told that having a competition title would increase my credibility and would also give me a chance to interact with key industry figures. That is what made me interested in competing. Luckily a member at my gym ran a local competition and coached me on how to enter and compete in my first show.

I don't really believe in dieting. It's much easier to maintain healthy eating habits so that my weight doesn't fluctuate back and forth too much. I always try to stick with eating about 1/3 fats, 1/3 carbs, and 1/3 protein. For competition prep, I stick with lean protein and carbs that come mostly from vegetables. The macros are the same but the components are different.

I tried sticking to a very strict body building diet for one of my competitions. Only tilapia, asparagus, egg whites, chicken breasts, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. Carbs were decreased significantly in the weeks leading up to the competition and I started dehydrating about 3 days out from competition. I found that sticking to such a strict diet made me cranky and irritable. This made is difficult to show my whole range of personality while on stage. I was too concerned with what I was going to get to eat after the competition. I was also concerned about catching a cramp on stage from being dehydrated. In addition, I didn't feel like my body looked much different. My body fat was down only 2% from when I do my own competition diet and I started cutting much earlier on the strict diet. That difference in body fat didn't help me do better than in my previous competitions. So I would rather enjoy my competition prep by having more food options.

Training: I believe in doing a little of everything. Really training for life and not just a competition. Cardio plus Weightlifting is key. An hour of cardio and at least an hour of weight lifting 5-6 days a week. I mix up cardio modalities like running, walking, rowing, biking, and stair master. Some days it's steady state and other days it's interval style to train different muscle fibers and to utilize different energy systems. For lifting, I love lifting heavy and doing complex multi joint exercises as opposed to single joint movements. A person burns more fat with multi joint exercises as opposed to single joint. Since I am a bikini competitor, I don't have as much of a need to gain extreme definition in any of my body parts. Therefore, I don't need to focus on single joint exercises as much as physique and figure competitors do. I also incorporate HIIT style lifting and corrective exercises into by weight lifting program. Again, to work different muscle fibers and train different energy systems.

Building self-confidence: By having amazing friends, family, and followers that supported me. I also practiced a lot in front of the mirror and tried to take advantage of any opportunity to walk a runway. Also, having a coach and studying previous competitions helped me with my poses.

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My competitions are always positive. Competitors are friendly and athlete check in runs smoothly. Honestly, prejudging and finals all comes down to who the judges are that day. 99% of the competitors are gorgeous with bodies that pretty much look the same. The judges are going to pick who they like that day. It could be the color of someone's swimsuit, their hairstyle, their hair color, their shoes, the way they walk, any number of things. The judges are human and because of that, they all have their own thoughts and opinions on things. The bottom line is, you can't take whatever happens personally. The judges don't know you personally, they only judge you off the two minute you are on stage, so for me competing is just about having fun, taking great photos, and making new friends.

I plan to do a new competition called Blacktie Body Building this September. I will also compete in WBFF the next time Worlds is in the United States.


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