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I've always had the desire to compete. After losing my baby at 6months, I fell into a depression, gained 38lbs & lost myself. I was fed up with looking at my body, it was a constant reminder of what was lost. I felt robbed! So I decided to start going back to the gym..when I met my coach (Nikki Vinji / NVBodies) and the next chapter of my life began.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: I eat alot more (the cookie pump! Is Real) haha. My macros Change/ I reverse Diet/Enjoy More Cheat meals - Carb Cycling.

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I'm really fortunate to have a Coach with 11+yrs Experience as a trainer/ 5+yrs as a Bikini Competitor. Because of her Knowledge in this sport & fitness, I've yet to have a bad experience or horrible diet!! (I've heard so of my fellow bikini babes diets & instantly feel even more grateful for my coach) there can be some crazy preps.

Building self-confidence: By trusting the process completely, working hard, practicing my posing...Having the Most Amped and Supportive coach!! Always there to hype me up or push me when I was exhausted.

From my very first show to my very last show its been such an amazing experience. The adrenaline never goes away. Every little sacrifice, every little hangry moment fades & in that 11 seconds during my routine, I become more confident & ready for the next step in my journey.

Since I've decided to pursue competing (I'm an all or nothing kinda gal) I give it 100%. Which has changed up everything (even my better halfs diet) the way I look at/consume food, feeding my body what it needs to grow. Before I used to look at food & gorg...not anymore!!!

Future plans: A: YES, ABSOLUTELY!!! Building & working toward A National show And of course the ULTIMATE GOAL!!! Putting in the Work to Become an IFBB Bikini Pro!!!


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