Brittany Hamilton - Bikini Competitor

Iím Brittany Hamilton, Iím 31 years old and 5í6íí. I got into bodybuilding last year when my friends encouraged me to contact Adam with See You Later Leaner. Iíll be honest it took me a while to get the hang of tracking my food and stick to the plan. But after Adam being patient with me and coaching me through it I got down to business and pick my first show... Pittsburgh Pro. After building the confidence up through out my prep I was ready to hit the stage for the first time and I did well. Placed 1st in true novice and 2nd in open class E. I was hooked after that and start my journey competing nationally.

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My workouts consist of hitting lower body 3 times a week and fitting in upper body the rest of the days. When Iím in prep I tend not to take a day off. I have one day (usually Sunday) where I just do cardio and no weighted stuff. Cardio and hiit are a must everyday in prep for me, always after my workouts. I follow a Macro diet and that works best for me. My diet in the off season consists of a lot more carbs and fats then prep season. You canít build muscle when your body is at a low body fat % so I get that up to about 18-20% in off season in order to grow. Iíve had a great off season enjoying life and traveling.

This industry has changed my life in so many positive ways. Itís allowed me to change my body and learn about how to diet properly without all the fad diets we all hear about and try. Iíve met so many great and uplifting people along the way. Iím looking forward to seeing whatís to come at. My first show this year in May at Pittsburgh Pro and then JR. nationals in Chicago after that.


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