Brittany Campbell - IFBB Figure Pro, 2016 NY Pro Champion

Brittany: Jan 2013 I committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I hired a personal trainer for 4 months, in that time I was taught the fundamentals of weight training and proper use of gym equipment. After that time I felt comfortable training and followed a 3-day week regimen. A WPD competitor suggested that I try competing; She introduced me to her coach, Terrance Williams, he has been coaching me ever since. We started with a local show and climbed the ranks, now we’re headed to our second Figure Olympia!

Health and fitness is a lifestyle for me. The foods I eat in my “off-season” are the same foods I eat in contest prep. When I’m not in contest prep I consumer a higher amount of carbohydrates and total calories. Its more effective to focus on muscle-building when calories are higher. Salmon and oatmeal are at the top of my list for protein and carbs! I typically have a serving of Salmon everyday in a prep. It's so complete, a great source of protein and essential fats. Old fashioned oats give me slow burning energy to last me through the day, its especially important on a calorie-restricted diet. The diet is simple and always effective when applied.

Brittany Campbell

IFBB Figure Pro Brittany Campbell.
Photo courtesy of Reggie Bradford.

Training, Cardio, Diet and Rest are all of high priority! I, like many competitors, start my day by taking care of my most important muscle – my heart! Cardiovascular endurance should be a mainstay in and out of contest prep. I incorporate HIIT training 3 times per week to create and maintain an athletic appearance.

Here are my all time favorite exercises for each major muscle group Back- T-Bar row
Shoulders - Smith Machine military press
Hamstring - Stiff Legged deadlift
Quad - Leg press
Calves- Donkey calf raises
Biceps - Preacher curls
Triceps - Skull crushers
Abs - Hanging leg raises

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve encountered in building my physique has been to doubt the process when I was disappointed by a placing. It's easy to think you’re “doing something wrong” when you don’t place well in s show but it's important to trust the process. After one particular show, a judge advised my coach and I to pull back from weight training so that I would come in smaller, HUGE MISTAKE! I spent an entire prep training only 3 days a week versus the 5 I was accustomed. I found myself unhappy and questing my prep all the time. After that show my coach and I went back to the basic, fundamental training, 5 days per week and that prep ended in my first pro victory at the NY Pro Championships.
You have to trust the process and be consistent, even when it feels like it's not working. There is not perfect training regimen, but I find that training specific muscle groups broken down into 5 days works best for me!

The NY Pro took place at the same location that I earned my pro card at Team Universe in 2014. It was an honor to compete against such high caliber athletes! When I entered the venue it was like deja-vu; And like Team Universe, I walked away with first place!

Here are a few steps to managing stress in a prep that have worked for me.
-Faith plays a huge role in my success. It teaches me to stay rooted and mentally resilient. I attend worship services at Destiny World Outreach Center and leave recharged and ready to face the week ahead. I start my day with meditation and prayer.
-In prep I go for deep tissue massages bi-weekly.
-I don’t watch much TV. It's an overload of negativity and violence.
-I find new out of town gym to visit on the weekends to break up the monotony of being in the same gym everyday. It's also a great opportunity to learn and use new equipment.
Confidence comes from the work you invest! The harder you work, the more confidence you display.

Future plans: All training and dieting will be done with the 2016 Olympia in mind. My goal is to improve on my NY Pro physique. I look forward to many more years of competing and sharing my love of health and fitness with the world through competing, training, and philanthropy.

Brittany Campbell
IFBB Pro | Certified Personal Trainer
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