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Doctor of Chiropractic, NPC Bikini Competitor

My fitness journey began only a year and a half ago. I was embarrassed about my body and had lost self-confidence. One day something just clicked and I purchased an online workout guide and nutrition plan. And I actually stuck with it and did it for 24 weeks! My body had transformed. At that point I knew I wanted to push myself to be the best version of me. I wanted to do something wildly outside my comfort zone! So about a year ago I decide I wanted to work towards competing.

Yesterday was surreal. I had so much fun chasing my dreams! The love and support from you guys was absolutely overwhelming. I spent a good part of the day crying from all of your sweet messages. Thank you so much for the love and encouragement. It feels amazing being uplifted by so many of you! I couldn’t have made it here without you! (Official thank you to my coach, @bec_bfit, and my posing coach, @fitgalmindy, coming soon. Stay tuned!) #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #chasingdreams #selfconfidence #npccompetitor #midwesternstatesnpc #npc

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I try to eat fairly clean and organic year round. During improvement season I like to enjoy weekly cheat meals and occasional treats. During prep I get as clean as I can. No dairy, no gluten, no alcohol, no sugar, no artificial anything, no caffeine! Whole, organic foods and no cheats! I think getting back to the basics like this helps you lean out easier and decrease inflammation.

Previously I had done an IIFYM style and that was a no-go for me. It just opened up the door to too many cheats and cravings. I personally need a strict, clean diet to stay on track.

My self-confidence to get on stage came from watching my body transform week by week. I also have an amazing support group of family and Insta gal pals that encourage and uplift me daily!

During improvement season I weight train 5-6 days per week and have 0-1 cardio sessions per week. During prep I get up to 6 days of weight training and three days of cardio, one of which is HIIT.

The first time I stepped on stage for pre-judging novice I was so nervous! My legs were shaking and even my face was shaking from smiling so long. Even though it was the scariest thing I’d done it was worth every second!

How does being an athlete affect my whole life? It IS my whole life now...well almost! It dictates the time I wake up, the meals I eat, when I eat, what time I go to bed, and even sometimes my social life! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s made me feel more in control of my life, more self-confident, happier, and the healthiest I’ve ever been!

I’ll be competing in The Natural Indianapolis in November. Then I’ll continue competing again next year and hope to earn my Pro Card within the next few years!

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