Brenda Wisner - Figure Competitor

I began competing in 2002 when figure division first started for amateurs. I did my first national qualifier in 2007 and won 1st place.

My off season diet vs my pre-contest diet changes by the amount of calories for intake and more carbs. Off season Iíll be a little more relaxed about my calories until I notice too much of fat being formed on my body- then I start to cut back on the foods that cause more weight/fat gain. My pre-contest diet is very strict with mostly lean protein and vegetables for 4-5 days a week then Iíll have a low carb day or a higher carb day to change it up- as my body will adapt to easily. My daily calories for pre-contest range from 1050 to 1800. The diet I found to work for me to lose the body fat and build muscle is the protein and vegetable diet with a day or two of clean carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes or rice.

The only time a diet was not effective for me was one that I tried that had too much fruit and fiber carbs. The portions were too large and I was not put in a calorie deficit to lose weight in a timely manner.

It took a couple of the amateur shows to really feel comfortable to go on the stage and feel confident. But even to this day I still get nervous and to feel self-confident I just remind myself that it is fun to get out there and show the judges what Iíve got!

The components of my training are primarily weight lifting and stretching along with foam rolling to keep my muscles in the best condition for training. In addition, I do cardio that is a combo of steady state and high intensity intervals to keep my heart rate above 135. I have found that this type of cardio along with weight lifting brings the best results for my physique. My diet and training go along together. I have found that when my diet is cleaner in the off season I see better results and it makes transitioning into the pre-contest mode much easier.

My experience from my most recent show from when I did the 2019 Masters Figure national show in Pittsburgh was really a great show. Despite only placing in the top 10, I learned so much from my coach that will help me make the required changes in my off season. I felt really bummed for not making the top 5 but I had to keep in mind that I had recovered from back surgery the less than a year before for my L5. The fact that I was able to prepare for the nationals- training and dieting to get in pre-contest condition was a remarkable thing to accomplish. My coach reminded me that there are other who need much more time to recover. I felt healed enough to begin my training much sooner than most and that is why my recent experience from the Masters Figure Nationals will always stand out for me.

Being an athlete is truly my lifestyle at this point. While contest prep does require a lot of my time and dedication, I live my life as a health conscience person that enjoys a more healthy lifestyle.

My plans for the future are to continue my quest as a national competitor until I achieve my pro status. I currently assist new competitors with their contest prep and share the experiences I have learned along the way. I hope to always be inspirational to others.


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