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Bree: When I was in high school I unknowingly developed an eating disorder. Desperately trying to achieve this dream body I began to do insane amounts of cardio and live on small salads. I decreased my fats, protein, carbohydrates and caloric intake to barely anything and it resulted in fainting spells and fatigue. After I graduated I gained some more knowledge on nutrition and no longer suffered from the disorder. I worked out regularly however I ate junk and went the “college party” route causing some weight gain. After going from one extreme to the other I was introduced to the world of competing by my aunt who had just finished her own first competition. I was tired of not seeing the results I wanted in my body and gave myself the goal of competing in a NPC bikini competition to really have something to work towards.

I get a lot of questions about my diet and the truth is my off season diet is not much different from my prep diet. I typically eat fairly healthy a majority of the time but I also don’t deprive myself. When I am in prep I cut back on carbohydrates and go into what is called a “carb-cycle” in which I am low carb 2 days and then 1 day high carb. My high carb days are typically on leg day to give me more energy to sustain me through my workouts and to really help build the muscle. When I am really looking to shred the last bit of fat I rely a lot on white fish and asparagus. It is my go-to meal during the last two weeks of prep. on the stage.

My weight training program consists of a lot of volume training with a fair amount of heavy lifting as well. I believe both are important in order to grow. I alternate my days with upper and lower body and like to hit glutes and legs three times a week. This is one of my weaker areas that takes longer to grow so that is where I tend to put a lot of focus. I also typically work my core every other day. When I am not in prep I only do cardio 1-2 a week and it is usually around thirty minutes on the stair master at a steady pace. During prep I begin to do “fasted cardio” meaning I do my cardio first thing in the morning before I eat which is typically 30- 45 minutes of high intensity cardio.

As far as confidence, a few years ago I was very self-conscious and would never have dreamed getting on a stage to strut my stuff in a barely there bikini in front of total strangers. I’ve found that lifting has given me the confidence that I never had. To watch your body transform in ways you’ve never thought possible, to push to the point of breaking and then still preserver, really opens your eyes to how resilient you are. That in itself gives me the confidence to get. The morning of the show I woke up and just remembered thinking to myself, “Holy cow this is it! By the end of the day I will be able to call myself a bikini athlete.”

I have never been more happy than I was at that moment to have both my aunt and little sister by my side. When it was finally time for my class to go on stage I remember being completely racked with nervous. I was shaking from my hands straight down to my toes. I ended up placing third and to have stood next to the other women who placed in my class was truly such a blessing. These were some of the kindest most deserving women I’ve ever met and I am completely honored to have stood by them.

I am currently in an “off season” as I train for my next show which I am looking to do in the spring of 2016. I really want to build and focus on tweaking some areas that need improvement and then the goal is to compete in a national qualifier. I am also currently in the process of obtaining a certification from NASM to becoming a personal trainer so I look forward to furthering my career in a field that I truly love.

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Bree Sprual

Bree Sprual