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I'm a mom of six, and with that being said, I've had to learn how to stay fit after having all those children, and my mission is to share the knowledge that I have gained through my own personal experience to others so that they too can see that motherhood doesn't mean you have to let yourself go. We are all busy, but if you truly want to make a change, you can, and I am proof of that. It's mind over matter, and again, if anyone is living proof of that, it's me.

I used to feel so uncomfortable in the gym. I used to go in there with no agenda, no goal, no motivation. I was never really a cardio person, so I hated just going in there walking on a treadmill. I knew I wanted to lift, but I didn't know how. I didn't want to use the squat rack because I didn't want to set something up wrong, or for fear that I would make a fool out of myself. I didn't want to use a machine that had to be set up because I didn't know how or how much I should lift, and I didn't have anyone committed to helping me. So I had to learn how to do exercises at home, until I had someone dedicated to showing me how and what to do at the gym. That's when I met my husband. He showed me how and what to do. That's when I started strength training and lifting... and that's when I caught the fitness bug. Through study and the help of my amazing husband, this has become my passion and it took off from there. I found my inner beast mode. I took what I learned from him, studied long and late hours, took courses and tests, and became a certified personal trainer. I began teaching others what was shown to me. I started teaching classes at my local gym and doing one on one personal training with clients.

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After being told over and over how incredible my transformation has been, I decided to begin training to compete in national bodybuilding competitions through the National Physique Committee (NPC). With the help of my amazing trainer, I currently hold championship titles in both Women's Physique and Figure Divisions as a “Hybrid” athlete/competitor in the NPC, and I'm eagerly working towards my IFBB Pro Card.

I'm 33 years old, and I have a better physique, I'm healthier, and I feel better than I ever did in my 20s. It's incredible, and I want to keep that going for as long as I can. I want to feel even better at 43 than I do today at 33, and I know the only way to do that is to have a healthy diet, to stay consistent in the gym, and to live the lifestyle. I've made the gym my stomping ground, and I want to do my best to make sure other women don't ever feel like I once did.

Diet and Training

While, I can't really give detailed diet information due to confidentiality with my coach, I can tell you that I change from a “carb cycle” diet to a “depletion” diet to regulate my weight and physique during competition preps. At times, if I feel a plateau in my progress, I will do intermittent fasting, which helps shred fat if needed.
Even when I'm on an “off-season”, I still remain to eat clean. I have to lead by example, so that is what's most important to me.

I train daily, most days a do two-a-days. I may do fasted cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening. Or sometimes I'll do weight training and then go hit the bleachers in my sauna suit at the local high school for my cardio. I train between clients, which is so convenient and gives me the motivation I need to keep going. And of course, my husband and I train together as much as we can when our schedules allow for it.

As far as balancing my diet and training, it helps that my husband does it with me for sure. We both have special diets and help each other stay on track and meal prep for each other. I pack my meals and snacks and bring them with me for the day so that I'm never urged to stop and get foods I shouldn't eat. I never have an excuse to if I bring healthy foods with me.

I know I look rough, it's been a hectic few days but it paid off... 1st place women's open physique class A!!!! Waiting to go on now to compete in Figure!! #europadallas2017 #europagames #npcphysiquechampion #npcphysique

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On Stage

Self-confidence: I learned to be confident in who I am. I know where I came from and where I am today by far exceeds who I used to be. I was very nervous at first, but as soon as my foot stepped on that stage the first time, it's like a switch flipped and the star came out. The response from the audience only fueled it, and ever since, I feel at home on the stage. No one can do it but you. You have to just realize that others will sense it if you're nervous. Let that go and be the best you that you can be. After all, there is only one you. If you can't be yourself, the person God made you, then no one else can. No one can be the special you that He created. Knowing that, how special you are that God created you just how He did with a purpose, for a purpose, and on purpose… that is what gives the confidence that you need. I know it does for me.

My most recent contest was The Europa in Dallas, Texas. It was my first two day show, and honestly was quite stressful. Check in, I felt pumped. I was so excited to meet the pros that I have been watching for years, who are now becoming my rivals. It's an amazing feeling and sometimes have to contain my excitement in front of them, lol. One thing I didn't like was having to stand in line for that height card. Word to the wise, never, ever forget your height card… and when you do get one, keep it with you so you never have to stand in that line, lol. Once I got my number and turned my music in, it was like a weight off of my shoulders, and I could finally go get some rest.

At prejudging, I was nervous, just because this was the biggest show that I had ever done. But I felt confident. My body was where I wanted I felt confident in the package I was bringing to the stage. The pump up area was nice and big, so we weren't on top of each other, which was very nice. The other contestants were very friendly and everyone was very respectful of one another.

The next day was finals. It was very hard to remain so depleted and dehydrated for this long. My hair was a mess, my makeup made me feel more confident though, but my pump up was very tiring because I was so depleted. I stepped on the stage and forgot about all the stresses and just focused on bringing my A Game. And I nailed it. I landed 1st in Women's Physique in my class. I was so happy, I literally began crying because I could not believe I just won on this stage, with this competition. It was incredible. Though I didn't win the overall this time, I was still happy for my teammate who did take the overall title home with us.

Life as an athlete: I have to sacrifice a lot of time away from my children and my husband in order to get all of my own training in while still trying to train my clients. We have to cook separate foods from our kids. We can't eat out like we would like to with family and friends. When we do bring the kids out to eat or to relatives/friends houses, I bring my own pre-cooked food to feast on. It's really a whole life-style change.

My plans are to continue competing and obtain my IFBB Pro Card to further my career. My goal is to offer services which help women improve their bodies by lifting weights and add to their strength based training knowledge. My long term career goal and business plan is to take my brand, Barbelle Beauty Fitness, world-wide, offering virtual training services, a quality name brand clothing and accessories line, top-notch quality workout gear, and more.

Unlike many other competitors, to me, competing is not a just an expensive hobby, this is an investment into my business, my career, and my legacy. Following through with this is only the beginning to laying down the ground work to get the exposure that I need to meet my career goal of bringing my brand, Barbelle Beauty Fitness, world-wide and leave a legacy for my children, and their children.

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