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I started bodybuilding in my 20’s due to a massive overweight – and competed first time 1990. I was inspired and motivated by a male co-worker, who was a bodybuilder – and by the female bodybuilders at that time e.g. Cory Everson and Bev Francis. In the 90’s I also participated with the strong men the first time there was a competition for strong women in Denmark – and got a third place. In 2011 I was fat again, due to eating too much and the wrong stuff – I did work out but only 2-3 times a week and not intense enough. Then I decided to go all in. In the beginning my aim was just to see how fit I could be, but then the old dream woke up again and I decide to go all in again.

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My diet is made by my coach Rene Olesen: “Teamaesthicsbyrene”
Off season I eat a lot, about 4000 kcal., 6 meals a day, primarily: egg, egg whites, chicken, turkey, salmon, lean meat, oatmeal, complex carbs: Brown rice, sweet potato, a lot of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, shun, skimmed milk, banana, blueberries and protein powder, and good oil from coconut oil, avocado and almonds. And drink a lot of water, extend and sugar free squash, coffee, herbal/green tea. Very rare alcoholic beverages. Once a week I have a cheat-meal: often sushi. All year long I try to avoid refined sugar.
On and off I have a low or no carb period – e.g. 5 days then a day with a lot of carbs and then 2-3 days more on low/no carbs. During that I eat fewer kcal, and more fat. When dieting I eat the same until the last week before contest – gradually fewer kcal., I think the lowest is about 2000-2200 kcal. This works perfect for me.

Failed diets: A lot of different …all the trendy ones. E.g. I’ve tried Low carbs high fat, which worked fine LCHF – which worked ok but I didn’t gain muscle and my weight loss stopped.

Self-confidence: That was definitely a challenge – and there’s room for improvement. I was and still are proud of what I’ve achieved - considerate my age. One of my major aims are that I want to show women 50+ that it’s is possible to modify your body. And then I got a lot of support from my coach and my gym and sponsor: “Anger Management gym” who and all the athletes there.

Usually I lift 5-6 days a week, different splits – and off season I do cardio, 20-30 min 2-3 times a week plus 1 HITT after lifting. When preparing for contest I do fasted cardio every morning – 30 -40 min and 2-3 HITT 15-20 min after working out. I try to practice posing all year around – min. once a week. And I stretch out before every workout. I haven’t had any problems with balancing my training, work and dieting. My coach changes my training-program according to where we are in the process.

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On stage: I loved it all the way. It was a fascinating process, both physical and mentally. The conditions at the Nationals in Denmark have a very high standard esp. backstage. Bodybuilding I DK it’s a “small world”, and everybody is positive and supportive. We were only 5 women in Women’s physique – and the atmosphere was very good and warm.

Being an athlete: It’s become a basic and natural part of my way of living. I’ve never felt as good as I’ve done the recent years – I have more confidence, and it has affected my working life positively. Fortunately, I have a job where it’s possible and not a problem to bring my own food at a daily basis and e.g. at conferences and in my private life I’m single, so I’m the boss.

Regarding competing the plan is to find a contest abroad where I can go on stage with women in my age. At the Danish Nationals, I competed against women who, where 15 to 25 years younger than me. Right now, I’m working on my weak points, trying to gain more muscles and depth, plus improving my posing and flexibility.

When I one day decide to stop working I would love to be a personal trainer. And If someone out there can use me as a model or human billboard – well that would be fun too ;-)

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