Beth Williams - Bikini Competitor

Beth: I have always been into fitness and have been athletic from a young age, so when I started going to the Gym as a regular hobby and qualifying as a PT myself I decided it was what I wanted to do. I knew a few girls that had done it and it never really appealed to me - but when you're in a gym 24/7, for me when I didn't have a specific goal in mind the training side got boring... So competing definitely made it a lot more enjoyable and definitely makes you feel better about yourself.

Diet and Training

I'm unfortunately one of those really annoying people who can eat kind of whatever they want and not see a massive change in their body. Although I can genetically get away with that, I prefer to try and keep my diet as healthy as I can all year round, whether it's off-season or pre contest. In my off season I'm very varied with my meals, for example I'll still eat a typical Chicken, Brown Rice and Broccoli meal but I'll also have red meats with sweet potatoes etc. I also allow myself to have some cheat meals, everyone needs those! When in pre-contest I'm not so varied with my meals, I'm not a massive lover of fish or Eggs so I get my main source of protein from Chicken and Turkey. From previously being a competitive swimmer I'm used to eating carbs; so that's never been an issue for me but I'll stick to brown carbs, so Brown Rice, Brown Pasta and Sweet Potato. I've naturally always had a small frame so the calorie intake even when bulking (off-season) is still quite low for me. Admittedly when I'm prepping and climbing the stair-mill for 45 minutes at a time I do get hungrier, but I don't think I could ever eat more than around 2000 kcals a day even when in off season. My diet in my Pre-Contest phase is pretty "stereotypical gym-goer" if I'm honest. I cut down on my carbs so I have a higher intake of Lean Meat/Protein but will add small amounts of carbs to each meal. I'd say my daily calorie intake is probably around 1500 whilst on prep but can do down to around 1300 dependent on how my prep goes!

I've not actually tried many different diet plans. I had a coach during the middle part of my prep for my last season and he put me on quite a high protein, low carb diet which actually worked really well for me. Even though it's what everyone raves about at the moment and I've witnessed some great body changes from it, I'm not a fan of Carb Cycling. From a professional point of view, personally I don't think it's very healthy, and as I'm training normally where I work it's easier and quicker for me to keep my diet as simple as possible. You don't need to over complicate things! Obviously everyone has their own opinion, so for some people certain diets work, and for some people they don't!

So my weight training programme is actually really easy to remember. When I'm prepping I'll have 2x 45 minute Cardio Sessions a day - 1x Fasted Cardio in the morning before breakfast and one in the evening before bed/when I've finished work. I'll have 1x Weight Training session a day which will be from a 6/7 day split. I'll isolate my training so I'm only focusing on one muscle group at a time (eg: Monday Back, Tuesday Chest etc). My diet is also fairly simple, I'll be eating every 3/4 hours during the day and will aim to get 5 meals in. Because I don't naturally eat much this becomes quite difficult but is definitely manageable when you're in a very high calorie deficit! It's definitely not easy when you're prepping and there's everyone around you eating everything you can't, but if you have the right mind-set and you're motivated enough it becomes easier than everyone thinks!

On Stage

Building the self confidence to compete: To be honest I think it comes from a mixture of things. When I was growing up even though I was skinny I was never remotely happy with my body and always would attract the nastier people at school to make now- irrelevant comments about it, which made me very self conscious. When I grew up a little bit and made a complete new set of friends I decided it was time to do something about the fact that I was never pleased with how I looked. I started going to the Gym in my free time and funnily enough, I loved it! When I qualified as a PT I then decided to start competing, the thought of getting on stage in front of hundreds of people is actually very daunting for someone who's never done it before regardless of whether you're confident or not. The main thing for me was my posing, to be honest it's like anything if you practice it enough then it'll look better than if you don't. It's quite surreal to come to terms with the fact you're actually going to be standing on a stage in a Bikini and a pair of high heels in front of hundreds of people you don't know. But - for me the hard work in the Gym put me in a place where I loved what my body looked like so it was tonnes easier for me to step on stage knowing I looked good rather than still not being overly confident with what I looked like.

Going to a bodybuilding show for the first time and competing is actually really quite daunting! When I competed in my 1st Competition I traveled on the day of the competition to the venue and it was better than I thought because everyone was in the same boat. When you get to Check-In I find it really interesting because it's the main time before you're backstage that you can see who else you're competing against. When you go through into backstage normally by this time everyone's already found the people they know that are competing and are ready to set up camp somewhere. The backstage process can be quite long sometimes if the show itself is running behind schedule but normally us girls have loads to do to get ready so it's normally not really an issue! Before you go on stage when you get your Tan re-done and you're pumping your muscles with resistance bands or weights the atmosphere is great because everyone gets excited and you just want to be on stage. When you're on stage in the pre-judging and finals I tend to zone out to what everyone else is doing and focus on myself... which I think most girls do but it's a great buzz when you're showing off your physique in front of people you do/don't know and hear people cheering for you! You definitely get the bug when you've competed once, most people don't understand it but you'll only fully understand what we mean if you compete!!

Future Plans

Bikini Competition wise; this next season I'm going to come in leaner and tighter with a beautiful bikini and complete re-training for my posing so I stand out and look amazing! My aim for this next season is to be more confident with myself on stage; and my goal for the season will be to compete on an International Stage. Chasing that Pro Card! Career wise with my PT; just going to carry on as I am, I have the goal in a few years time to open up my own gym but that's a long way off yet!

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Beth Williams

Beth Williams

Beth Williams