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From a very young age I have always been a very sporty person, playing multiple sports including netball, touch, cricket, dancing and competing in swimming. I even made representative teams in both cricket and netball. After going to high school, getting a casual job and working weekends, I was unable to play these sports on the weekend and eventually I stopped playing. To keep up my fitness and health I started going to the gym as we already had a family membership there previously due to swimming. I decided to started seeing a PT to change up training and for that extra push. Eventually I decided I needed to see someone about meal plans so I could take my training to the next level. At the start I focused on goals such as lifting heavier weights and specific goals for deadlifts and squats and dropping a few kilos. Once I had started seeing a food coach and seeing great results, I had the goal of a comp in mind. Through weeks of dieting and training without cheat meals I competed in my first competition on the 6th September 2015 where my love of competing began.

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I have currently just finished competing in Season B for 2016, this being my second season competing. First season was Season B in 2015. In off season, I try to eat more of a variety of foods and incorporate more carbs around training to try and help build more muscle. A wider variety of veggies and allowing alternatives so Iím not eating the same thing every day. Also, making food more interesting to avoid becoming bored and eating crap. I allow myself a couple of treats a week to find balance in my diet to avoid bingeing, yet sometimes we all know how hard it is. At the end of the day Iím just an ordinary girl who loves chocolate and ice cream as much as the next person, but it is all about moderation and balance. In season diet is very strict, my carbs drop as my body doesnít react well with dropping weight when consuming carbs. So healthy fats are increased. I was having a cheat meal fortnightly up to about 7 weeks out from comp. I have been lucky enough to find a coach with the same views and goals about comp prep as I do, and Iíve been with him from the start. With health being the main priority during prep. Every coach does things differently, yet no diet should be the same as everyoneís body is different. This is why you should trust your coach 100% and have all faith in them. I also work with my coach in the off-season and play around diets to see how my body responds ready for the next season.


I weight train 5 sessions per week in off-season allowing rest and recovery to build muscle, yet 6 times per week in comp season. I split up muscle groups when training, usually 2 leg sessions a week as this is one of my big focus points. For cardio, I was doing 45 mins cardio every morning in comp season and if I was struggling to drop the weight id add in 20mins cardio after weight training. While Iím in off season I will try and slowly decrease cardio days with avoiding weight gain. I think I will still try and do about 3 cardio mornings a week to still try and stay as lean as I can while I build muscle. Last yearís off season I focused on lifting heavier, and having PBs to focus on to help build muscle in my weaker areas. This year I have a similar but different focus. I have recently been to see a powerlifting coach. We are focusing on technique of the squat, deadlift and bench to engage all muscle groups especially as in my squats I was quad dominant and not activating my glutes. Once all technique has been perfected we will start working on lifting heavier and building a program which will help build strength and muscle. Eventually I would like to compete in powerlifting comps in the off seasons of competing.

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Stage Confidence and Comp Days

Stepping on stage was one of my biggest dreams and goals, from continuously scrolling through Instagram to look at all the bikini models and saying Ďthatís what I want to doí. Itís scary to think that you are going to step on stage with a line-up of amazing girls in a tiny bikini and get judged and we choose to do that. If you can do that you can do absolutely anything. Itís an amazing feeling of accomplishment on comp day when all your hard work and effort for months finally get showcased. At the end of the day placing or no placing you have sacrificed so much to make it to the stage, the tears, the laughs, the days when you want to give up.. but you didnít. It takes willpower, determination, sacrifice and persistence to compete in this sport and although there are multiple tough days I wouldnít change it for anything. I am so blessed to be a part of this sport and meet incredible, inspiring competitors at each show with the same dream and ambitions you do. Comp days are so exciting! From getting makeup done, hair done, tanned up, strutting your stuff on stage and getting to eat a massive feast with the most important people after! Before getting on stage I get really nervous but it is an absolutely awesome feeling which I cannot even start to describe.

I was lucky enough to place 4th place Bikini Novice INBA Coffs Classic 2016, 5th place Bikini Overall Coffs Classic 2016 and 4th place Bikini Junior NABBA NSW Titles 2016.

At the end of the day I am here to make improvements every year, focus on weakness and become better not only in physique but in mental as well.

Future Plans

For me, I have found a love for competing and weight training which wonít be stopping any time soon. I have future plans to continue competing in Season B competitions whilst making improvements in the off-season, with the ultimate goal and dream of obtaining my pro card and competing overseas. Whilst this may be a fair way off, this will always be a major goal and accomplishment I would love to get to one day. I would also love to start competing in powerlifting competitions during off season once my strength increases. With my love for competing, weight training and living a healthy life style I hope to empower others and motivate them to achieve any goal or dream of theirs.

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