Belinda Hope - IFBB Figure Pro

Belinda: I started competing after watching a few friends compete because I knew that it was time for me to find my next serious sport. I ran track at Kansas State University at a very high level in the 400 meter event and was 5th in the USA in college in 1996 and qualified for the Olympic trials in 1996. So my first few shows were a mess because I was clueless and started out doing body building.

My off season diet does not vary much at all itís just more of the same foods. I do like to have cheat meals with my family on Sunday nights which is usually homemade pizza, ice cream or anything along that line. I don't count calories I really just eat very clean and I don't do macros I have set meals from my coach.

Sample menu:

Meal 1
3 egg whites
2 yolks
Ĺ oatmeal

Meal 2
5 ounces of chicken
1 cup brown rice

Meal 3
5 ounces beef
1 serving of green beans

Meal 4
5 ounces of turkey
Small sweet potato
1 serving of asparagus

Meal 5
3 egg whites
1 yolk
Ĺ cup brown rice

The only thing else I ever did was not eat enough food and that left me tired and always fighting injuries!! I train very very high level and my body needs good nutrients to support that.

I started thinking about competing in 1999 when I lived in St Louis but finally actually did it in 2005 when my daughter was 2 years old. I was scared out of my mind but I was determined to learn this sport and get better at it.

I donít change my nutrition to fit my training I keep the same menu every day and it doesnít go up to fit my training days whether itís higher or lower day. Sundays are my hardest training days because I run sprints and then go directly to the gym and do weights and push a very heavy sled 20 times (up and back is 1).

My training consists of:
A few step classes
A few hiit classes
Weight training 5 days a week
Beach run 30 minutes 1 time per week
Sprints at the track 1 time per week
Hot yoga 2 days a week
Traditional yoga 4 times per week

I havenít competed since 2013 which was a year before my son was born in 2014. Iím planning on competing this year (2016) but I am not completely settled on a show yet!!
The 2013 show was The Tampa Pro (my first pro show). It was a dream come true!! I LOVED every single minute of it because I worked so hard to get my pro card so it felt great to be able to get up there with the pros!! The check in process was actually a press conference at a table with your name tag and it just felt great just to be in the same room with such AMAZING athletes!! Being on stage with people Iíve watched and admired for years was simply amazing and I canít wait to do it again very soon!!

I enjoy helping competitors prep for the stage and present their best version of themselves!! I plan to continue show prepping clients and getting ready for my own show!! My favorite part now is posing practice because itís so magical watching poses work better and better as the competitorís physique continues to change and improve!!

Instagram: belindahopeifbbpro

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