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My name is Becky Tyrrell and I am a 21 year old natural bikini competitor from the south coast of NSW, Australia. I first started competing due to the influence of my partner Ryan Norman who is a successful natural bodybuilder. I absolutely loved the challenge of training, dieting and getting on stage and have been hooked ever since my first competition which was in 2014. Since then I have competed many more times taking home top results including first place. I have now started to pursue other bodybuilding related activities which includes my company Fly High Creations where I create amazing wings for competitors in the INBA, ANB, WBFF and other federations.

My diet in the off-season is quite relaxed compared to when I am preparing for competition. In the off-season I eat a wide range of foods but I especially make sure I am consuming enough protein to fuel muscle growth. When I diet for competition I remove all un-necessary calories and make sure I am consistently consuming quality protein, carbs and fats. Building muscle is not as complicated as people make it out to be, the basics are what matter the most. By the basics I mean hard training with the goal being making consistent progress in the gym, either more reps, more weight and so on. Diet wise there are a lot of fads and gimmicks but it basically comes down to calories and macros. A calorie surplus will lead to muscle growth and when it's time to shed fat a calorie deficit is required. Other variables come into play such as macros and cardio but essentially the key for weight loss is calories in versus calories out. However that being said protein is essential for anyone serious about living the bodybuilding lifestyle and I would recommend one gram of protein per pound of body weight as a basic guideline.

My boyfriend Ryan and his parents who run the successful competition coaching business NRT (Natural Resistance Training) have handled my training and diet since I have started competing so I haven't had any issues with my comp prep. However I see a lot of people making major mistakes that could be avoided by taking advice from someone with experience. A lot of people fall for gimmick plans when preparing for competitions but again it's the basics that matter and if you aren't getting them right than all the gimmicks in the world won't help.

My main focus in the gym is weight training. Weight training when combined with good nutrition is the most effective way to improve your body shape. My goal in the gym is to always improve, either on the weight I'm lifting, how many reps I perform or in some other way. Progressive resistance is what leads to results so that is my main focus. A lot of people do cross-fit and crazy cardio and powerlifting and so on but my main goal is improving my physique so that's my main focus and that's how I structure my training. I do cardio only when I need to during my comp prep and that is usually walking done outside, I live in a beautiful part of the world so I take advantage of that when doing cardio instead of being locked up in a gym on electronic machinery.

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To be honest it was a challenge for me at first to get on stage and I still do get nervous sometimes but you have to take it in your stride and present yourself with confidence. The old saying goes "Fake it until you make it" and that has been very much true for me. Some people are naturally confident presenting themselves on stage but I never really had any experience doing anything like getting on stage so I was definitely nervous the first time around. However my confidence grows with each and every show and it doesn't phase me so much at it did back then.

My most recent competition was the 2015 Australian National Titles where I competed in the Angels Themewear category. I was excited to compete having taken home first place in the show which qualified me for nationals (the South Coast Classic). Wearing my beautiful self created wings was an amazing feeling as it was not only my hard work in the gym on show but also my hard work in crafting something so extravagant and beautiful so I was very proud. And then after the show I was happy to finally enjoy so many different foods!

Leading into the future I am competing again this year in September in the ANB and INBA Federations and from there I will see if I do any other shows around that time. After I compete this year I plan to take some time off competing in order to build some more muscle mass and move up to the Figure division.

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