Becky Laidler - Powerlifter Interview

Author: Jonathan. L, owner - Models Observer
November 2017

1. Tell us about yourself and how long have you been powerlifting?

I'm a 21 year old junior powerlifter from Melbourne Australia, I have been powerlifting seriously for 10 months now. Other than powerlifting I'm a full time art student.

2. How did you get into it?

I got into powerlifting through friends at the gym, I began going to the gym with my body building parents, and it didn't take me long to realise how awesome being strong was. I then met my coach Jesse White at the gym, and he pushed me to give strength training a go and I haven't looked back.

3. What are your best lifts?

I have a 130kg squat, a 85kg bench press and a 155kg deadlift.

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4. What is your lifting technique like and how did you develop it?

My training focuses a lot of secondary movements to help correct form, along with training the big three once a week my program focuses on developing my lifts technically over time, to permanently correct poor technique.

5. How do you utilize your diet as a way to maintain your weight while increasing strength? What is your caloric intake?

I have a reasonably relaxed diet, I don't restrict my food nor do I eat too much junk. When prepping for a meet I don't diet for the first 6 weeks, then I slowly cut down leading up to the meet. I don't really count calories, I just eat until I'm full, my diet consist of a lot of steak, chicken, white rice, vegetables, sweet potato and doughnuts.

6. Please describe your daily/weekly training. Which muscles do you target to improve lifting?

It all depends on my goals, prepping for a meet is a lot different than off season training. Usually I train my squat Monday, bench Tuesday, dead lift Wednesday, I rest Thursday and then train squat and bench Friday and deadlifts again on Saturday.

7. How do you monitor your strength building process in squat, bench and deadlift?

Me and my coach Jesse White, track this through comparing video footage of my lifts and by examining speed and the lifts quality. I also train amrap here and there to see if I can make and rep PRs to help me make a judgment.

8. Which lift is easier for you, and why?

Bench press, I have naturally big chest and a strong back, this helps me tremendously with my bench press, the lift is also technically my best, bench comes naturally to me.

9. Tell us about some of your most memorable moments in powerlifting so far.

My most memorable moments in powerlifting are when I break records, in my first comp I set new Australian records in my class in all three lifts, this was pretty awesome and an exciting way to begin my powerlifting journey.

10. How do you successfully grow your mental strength in addition to physical strength?

I have always been mentally strong, I never get upset over missed lifts as I understand there is no rush in this sport. I amp myself up through talking to myself not allowing the thought of failure pass my mind, and if I do fail a lift I move on.

11. What do you like doing away from powerlifting?

Other than powerlifting I'm an artist, I have been studying fine are for three years now, art helps me breath, I find it easy to get caught up in training and art helps me relax, and allows me to decide what I want in life other than powerlifting, keeping me grounded.

12. What is your favorite motto/quote in life?

You can't make bulldozers out of bullshit.

13. Future goals?

I want to bench 100kg before I'm no longer a junior.

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