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Barbara: I've been a dancer all my life. I started when I was 4yrs... Then became a dancer. I competed in Ballroom and loved the energetic moves and the discipline, dedication you had to have. I then from there traveled the world as a Cabaret Dancer. With that job had to be weighed every week to stay in shape for the Morning, Lunch,& Night Performances. I use to come back to Australia for 3 sometimes 6 months at a Time. I was dancing in the Clubs and around Perth for work while I waited for another tour. I trained in New World health and Fitness in South Perth whenever I was in Town. I spoted a personal trainer at the back left hand side of the gym and liked what I saw. There was a couple of girls being trained by a Personal trainer Named Larry. I liked what I saw and asked if I could join in the classes. I was 18/19 yrs old. Larry asked if I had thought about competing. So I said I hadn't really thought about it as I didn't know anything about competitions in the gym industry.

I was always one for trying everything and taking up interesting opportunities if in the wright avenue of sport or dancing. I did my 1st competition in 1994 and looked terrible. The food was all wrong for me. I was on the Chicken Rice Broccoli Bodybuilder Diet. Didn't work for me. I competed anyway and thought to myself what was I doing up here with all these amazing looking bodies. For me it was a turning point as I was determined to look how I should and try again. From there I starting researching food myself. I never told my trainer but I never did the food plans I was given after that and still have every single one of them in my filing cabinet. I started a new a great path for myself after that. I researched different Foods Supplements, body types along with how your DNA would have an impact on your food intake. Then stumbled across food and blood with digestion...

I kept Competiting under the same coach and was Winning. In 1992/93 I was spoted on a podium in Spain at La Rock by Latoya Jackson's manager and ask to come and dance for her in her tour. Latoya was dancing at the Ecological Park in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I toured with them around Spain and then headed back to Australia. In 2001 got the best job. I was still traveling the world as a Dancer, so I decided to stop traveling. I worked for Danny Pavlavich in Body Performance Gear talking about training, supplements and combinations of supplements while being a gym junkie... With competiting myself and be surrounded by like minded people who were just incredibly minded on the health, fitness and supplems. Steven Smith one of my amazing mentors and amazing people in my life at the time. Then I started experimenting with protein, fat burners and different foods to match the training with Larry. My amazing coach at that time.
I now eat a very well balanced food plan with a good supplement intake around, my training.
I start of my day with lemon & water
glutathione tabs
l,glutamine, and eggs, Avocado, mushrooms and some Spinach.
Then I mix a Blend of Huma-pro &
Carnabolic, sip this protein blend through the morning till 30 minutes before my morning snack.. That is.
1 CLA cap my favourite....tummy Shredder....
1 Punette of Blueberries
1 Celery stick
Then a 3 hr break of eating but still drinking my Huma-pro protein blend
Till it's finished. Waiting an Hr after that to have Lunch...
100 grams
sashimi with ednarbi beans (soya beans)
With Japanese Green Tea
Snack, Sml Lebanese cucumber
100 Grams Organic Chicken
1/3 cup Fresh Pineapple with the core...
Another Huma-pro blend. Snack, pre-workout Meal. Pink Grapefruit start drinking the Last of the Huma-pro with added in Super Macro greens. Wait 2 hrs.... Get ready to train. Mixing a blend of a Litre bottle of Best BCAAs with Rehydration powder then drinking this on the way to training through training until I finished training. Cardio after training.
2 Semi dried Figs or Fresh if there in season. Then to have 1000 mg Vitamin E
Wait 1 hr after my Cardio. Post workout Meal, Dinner. 150 grams of Turkey/Fish 2 Asaragus storks 50 grms Pumpkin with skin, 1 hr before bed Casine Xt/Night time protein powder. With 1 CLA cap.

2003/04 won the IFBB Australian Championship and the Overall then the other big one was the INBA Olympia 2006/07 for Physique in Tall class only then to have a brain hemerage on Jan 14 2007 in Brisbane. I had to learn how to walk and talk and get back all cognitive skills and feel like Barbs again. So 1st time back on Stage in October 2014 told I was a little too big for Figure a little too small for Physique but came 2nd in both. Feeling awesome as my son Kash was only 15 mths old then got pheumonia through Xmas and new year. This put me behind in training for the Arnold's in March in Melbourne so onwards and upwards to get ready for the Olympia in November in Sydney with new Coach James. ... I'm working at Stay healthy Morley as the sports specialist training, supplements and nutrition adviser and a Personal Trainer getting girls and guys ready for their goals, whether it be competiting, bikini , Figure, birthdays, weddings or just Personal. I teach posing male/female and how to walk in Stilettos and Routines to suit.

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Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams