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Babette: Thank you for checking in on me- I'm excited to update you on what I have been up to and what I have planned for the future!

People have asked me when I will retire as I go into my 15th year competing. Honestly, I can't imagine retiring and have thoughts for 2017 already.

For my training and nutritional help I'm now working with David Johnson of Warrior Within. He is great!

I still totally owe many years of great training to Mike Davies of Fitness Factory.

Last year after the July San Antonio Pro Fitness competition I wanted one more competition for 2015 and there weren't any available (I couldn't do the Phoenix show due to a family wedding) so I tried bikini in the fall and I love it! I did the Lou Ferrigno Classic, what a fun show! I highly recommend it. Then the fun times continued with an invite to the Arnold in Australia. Which I didn't know if they were inviting me for fitness or bikini so I had to email them back... it was for BIKINI!

So I had to do it and stay a couple days after to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. I have plans to compete July 2 for the first time in Pro Short Masters Bikini- wearing a fabulous Bikini Vixen suit. Then I will do fitness for one or maybe both of the Pro Fitness competitions, here in Phoenix in the Fall. I'm so happy that I can continue to compete and can't imagine stopping.

Sat routine, pose, legs, cardio
Sun routine, pose, upper, cardio
Monday just cardio
Tue legs, cardio
Wednesday upper, cardio
Thur legs, cardio
Fri groceries & cook -off from gym
My cardio is 45 steady on the elliptical.

My lifting is pretty old school normal. I like it and read about other fancy works out and think to myself- keep it simple stupid and why change something if it's not broken. Like cross fit stuff and fancy plyometrics scare me a bit. I don't like the thought of a possible twisted ankle etc.

I really didn't have an off season this year. After the Lou, I thought I would. I thought my next competition would be Vegas for my first over 40 (which I'll be 42) Pro IFBB in bikini. Then the fantastic invite to the Arnold in Australia was put on the table so I had to gobble it up.

I like my diet of more less:
Egg whites
Chicken & broccoli
Work out
Chicken & broccoli
Egg whites
Since it's simple. Fish doesn't go over well for lunch where I work due to the smell and so many years on tuna has me burnt out. But if I was advised to eat tuna and other fish I would in a heartbeat.

I love how I look right now (5 weeks till Vegas) and think I can personally beat my best body. Sas and confidence in my posing will be key to my success. I do miss my Jamie Eason blonde color and short hair cut so that has my mind wondering along with fitness costume ideas. Overall I'm happy, healthy, hopeful and still dreaming, planning and no end in site... Just the way I want my life.
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