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Babette: I love to tell the story of how I got started, so thank you for asking. I belonged to crspirits.comdance team after college. We danced at an intermission of a bodybuilding competition in 1999. There was only one woman competitor and she was a bodybuilder. It interested me like nothing before... Oddly I feel in love with the thought of training and performing, in that style, it made sense for me. I researched as much as I could and it took me a year but I got up the courage to do a show. I did bodybuilding because I did know how to go about doing fitness. At that show I networked and found where I could go in the Midwest (I'm from Iowa) for shows that had fitness. All of my favorite things in life: sewing, performing, dance, putting music together to make a two minute play, working out and the "mad scientist way of eating to see how your body changes".

Babette Mulford choreography at Arnold Classic Europe 2013.

Diet- My diet does change in the off season. I trust my trainer, Mike Davies since 2009, to figure out what's best for me. I don't think I have ever had any diet that has ever disappointed me. BUT a funny fact is from 2000 till 2009, I used a Beverly International diet made for that one bodybuilder woman from 1999 for my diet. It wasn't even for me and I used it for 12 weeks every time I would get ready for a competition. For eight years, can you believe it?!
In the off season we might add in some dairy (Greek yogurt or almond milk) and some fruit. Otherwise it's really just that the portions get bigger. My average day is workout, a meal of a carb (most of the time oatmeal) and protein ( meat, eggs or a shake) Meal 2- fish and veggies Meal 3- fish and veggies Advocare Spark Meal 4- red and/or white meat and veggies Workout Brown rice, chicken, pineapple Snack green veggies Bed time- white meat

Supplements - I love Advocare! I take their products as Mike prescribes them. I have too many other things to worry about then to be figuring my diet, how to train and supplements. I enjoy the structure of following Mike's plans. He knows how to dial my body in.

Training- I just do what Mike tells me. When I think of components, I think as far as fitness: routine round and physic round. Routine needs to be clean, crisp and entertaining. Physic needs to be lean and show muscle separation.
Mon and Fri I do cardio in the mornings around 5am for 30-45 minutes after a half hour of stretching, routine drills and running my dance routine. Tues and Thursday just 30-45 minutes of cardio and Sat or Sun a 45 min mountain walk (I live in Arizona). I lift after 5pm, the mix of what parts changes weekly but mostly Monday legs and another part, Wednesday biceps and another part and Friday triceps and another part. I follow all lifting nights with cardio. I take Tuesday nights off to spend time with a friend and Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights I do sprints and walk for 20 minutes. I don't have a favorite machine but my favorite piece of equipment would have to be my Garmin watch. I love to do my sprints and walks on the mountain trails.

Future- I've heard there's plans for a spring Arnold in Australia. So that is my dream/goal that is driving me. I need to come in better than I have looked earlier this year, at the Phoenix Pro show, to prove I'm worthy of a spot.

Thank you for letting me share my story and have a super positive day,
Babette Mulford

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