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After having my son I purchased the Beachbody program p90x for my then husband for father's day. He and I both started it and mid-way thru he decided to compete in our local competition the Carolina Supernatural on the suggestion of a former competitor. That was in 2012 and I supported him through that prep. The following year I again supported him and another competitor through the same show. That night I was standing backstage and one of the show staff made the comment that I had supported now it was time for me to do a show! So that started the mindset of actually wanting to compete.

At that time I had lost around 40 pounds and made the decision to really buckle down and lose the weight and build muscle. After going through a divorce and becoming involved with my local gym and garnering a new fit family and new relationship with a fellow bodybuilder, I really was bitten by the competition bug. I continued going to show after show and actually supported my significant other through getting his SNBF Pro card, which absolutely inspired me even further to actually commit to the very difficult task of show prep. So, after a weight loss of right at 150 pounds and the method of how I went about dieting and working out created a more muscular physique with very little issues of extra skin, I decided to pay my fee and suit up for the 2016 SNBF Carolina Supernatural.

Soooo! 3 years ago, 1 year ago and 1 week ago!!!! Miracles don't just happen, God gives us the ability to be SUPERnatural once in awhile...hard work, dedication, focus, desire, passion and CONSISTENCY! #weightloss #transformation #fitnessjourney #igfitness #igfitgirls #confidentwoman #miraclesaremade #consistency #exercisemotivation #fitspo #fitspiration #motivation #queen #grownwomanish #believe #thoughtsbecomethings #gymrat #gymlife #fitchic #iamworthy #youareworthytoo #fitspo #thickandfit #fitchic #queenstuff #fitqueen #snbf #carolinasupernatural #transformationtuesday #fitlife #healthy #mealprep

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So, my diet is initially for losing the substantial amount of weight I did was based off of an "If It Fits Your Macros" style of dieting. With heavy lifting and small amounts of HIIT I was able to build muscle at the same time that I was losing fat. I do not count calories at all. I have a certain amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein grams that I hit each day. When I am in contest prep, I don't have cheat days. Really far out I may have a higher carb day just to shock the system a little bit. When not in contest prep I typically have a cheat meal or cheat day once a week. Once your body is running effectively, it is a lot easier to maintain a strong and appealing physique.

I actually have never tried anything other than what I did to lose the weight. Before using my own methods I had tried every fad diet out there to begin losing weight with no plans for competition. I never thought I would be able to attain a physique, so when I was 150 pounds heavier it wasn't about competing for me, it was honestly just about living! So, finally when I made the decision to lose the weight, competing began to be an option and then it was placed as my goal! Which I did and now it's time to set some new goals! In weight loss period, no specific program has ever been effective due to the lack of sustainability. It honestly takes a lifestyle change rather than a diet. With competition prep I have seen other competitors use certain diet plans and most if not all seemed quite miserable. So, I just stick to my macros and tweak that as necessary. It is what works best for me and keeps me sane during!!

I lift approximately 2 hrs every single day, once in a while I will take a rest day, but it is only when my body tells me! Sounds crazy but I am super in tune with my body now. I feel and react to everything that goes in and out! I have a four day training split that includes legs, chest and biceps, back and triceps, and shoulders mixed with a little upper chest work. Abs are thrown in there a few times a week and i do cardio sessions when not in contest mode about 3-4 days a week and then in competition mode about 5-6 days a week x2 sessions per day. I hate cardio and love lifting, so I try hard to make my workouts as intense as possible so that I don't have to do as much cardio. I have always felt that you have to give 100% to both diet and gym. But when not in contest prep, I definitely have a more balanced diet with some pretty enjoyable cheats!!!

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Self-confidence: Wow! This is a big one. Because prior to the stage I had never shown my legs at all to anyone. In fact, I had never worn anything that was ever short enough to reveal my above the knee areas of my legs. I have fought for self-confidence and self worth for the longest time. It is a battle constantly. To be able to show those women out there that it is possible to love the skin you're in and to make a life altering change is worth putting myself on display. It was funny because backstage, my support system was literally ripping my robe off of me and shoving me out there! I have learned that vulnerabilities and insecurities can absolutely define you and cause you to fail. So finally I just realized that having those fears wasn't worth sacrificing my living a full, passionate life with no regrets! I feel if my flaws and scars allow someone else to see they can change their life and fulfill their goals or live better then it's worth the transparency that it requires to suit up and strut lol!

Contest experience: I felt very anxious checking in but all that went smoothly. I did receive the special recognition award of the night for Perseverance, so that was an incredibly special moment for me. It brought everything full circle. It's such validation! I enjoyed every minute of the night especially the food after!!!

I do want to compete again. My goals include qualifying for my Pro Card in Natural bodybuilding and then competing and placing in a Pro show. I would like to do that within the next two years. Then I believe I will retire from the shows to pursue strength and thicker muscle, rather than the shred! I have a Youtube channel that is a trainer for all my followers. It chronicles all the workouts I do, along with meal prep for healthy living, weight loss and also show prep and confidence building. I show viewers the positives, the negatives, the blood, sweat and tears associated with the fitness journey along with the journey of the emotions and mindset behind gaining confidence. It is being launched next week with the first introduction from the beginning of my journey to now and from here on into the future. If I can help one person out there feel as good as I do, my struggle is worth it!

My last name is Worthy and so I have been using the hashtag #Iamworthy to really drive home the fact that no one should ever tell you that you don't deserve everything you want! Everyone is worthy of the beautiful things in life, including seeing how capable our bodies are when we put our minds to bettering them.

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