Ashley York - Bikini Competitor

I first starting competing after I gave birth to my son to inspire other women.

My diet is basically the same all year around. I like to stay about 6 pounds from stage weight that way if a photoshoot comes up I can dial in. I don't believe in rebounding “off season” I also don't believe in walking around at 5% body fat all year either… you have to learn balance and what that looks like for you! The nutrition plan that works for me best has been a protein to carb ratio and greens as well as healthy fats and eating every couple hours with smaller portions.

I am very careful and picky when selecting meals, and nutrition and what I put in my body… I am happy to say because of my research and the nutritionist and products I have selected I haven't experienced failed expectations.

I have built my confidence each and every day by not just training for the outward changes, but also my mind and soul believe it takes a total transformation of your entire self to get on that stage knowing you gave it your all, 100% gives me the confidence to walk on stage and know I am a winner no matter what bc I held my standards and achieved my personal goals… I believe when you feel that it exudes on stage and just getting up there on show day knowing all the work is done. The most gratifying part is showcasing all your hard work!

My nutrition goes hand and hand with my training … my training consists of a mix of HIIT 3 days a week, heavy lifting 3 times a week and also spin, barre class, light lifting the other 4 days.

The feelings I have during the day of a show are simply gratifying … I relax that day, no need to stress it's all over. The hard part anyway. I make sure on show day it's about having a blast and enjoying it all! The best feeling is when you walk out , pose and line up for call outs and your name is called out top 5… then they compare and move you dead center…. hands down best feeling!

I do have future plans to compete in 2017.

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