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I was a freshman in college back in 2011 when I first became aware of what bodybuilding actually was. I was approached by numerous people in the gym asking if I was prepping for a show. Honestly, I had no idea what they were referencing to so I asked one of my gym buddies who was a retired bodybuilder himself. He was the one that taught me about the world of competing and encouraged me to compete in the bikini division. I did some research and spent my time working on becoming a certified personal trainer. I spent 4 years developing myself as a trainer before I considered stepping on stage. It wasn't until 2015 that I actually competed in my first show. Now I'm like, "why did I wait so long? I Love this!"

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My off-season diet isn't too different from my pre-contest diet. I pretty much have a balanced lifestyle within my nutrition on and off the stage. There are certain items I cut out before a show such as diary and protein bars, but for the most part nothing is a drastic change for me. I keep my carbs high in off season and make minor cuts to put me in a deficit leading up to competition prep. For me, the smaller the change the better my body will respond. This last prep I started my caloric intake at 1,800 calories and stepped on stage consuming 1,500 calories. There is no need for me to drop under 1,200 calories ever, once I do that my body stops becoming efficient.

Failed diets? Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you asked this! It's my favorite topic. This question right here is what lead me to become a better athlete and trainer. I have failed miserably with so many "Diets", low carb, keto, carb cycling, every "Bro Diet" possible I have tried. And guess what? They all left me confused when I was done with them. The problem with those diets is they have an end. So now that you've reached your goal where do you go from there? Now what? Those questions have lead me to studying nutrition and start looking at the science of why I eat what I eat and what I need to consume for my body. I used to be that cookie cutter diet girl, but now I have developed a lifestyle nutrition plan that works for me on and off the stage. There is no need for me to "Diet" anymore.

Self-confidence: Consistent training and practice! Years, months, weeks, and so many hours spent practicing posing in a mirror. The posing is what builds my self confidence. I used to be really horrible at it and that would show on stage. Now that I practice on and off season it has become more comfortable. When I step on stage I get to show case how hard I've been working, and the posing routine just adds that extra boost of "This is me."

3 weeks out and I feel like a rockstar!!!?? This will be my last update before hitting the stage. You guys can see the end product on May 5th! ?????? #NPCbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #bikinicompetitor #bikiniathlete #bikinibabe #fitnesscompetitor #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitspiration #nattymuscle #naturalathlete #personaltrainer #LBNC #3weeksout #roadtostage #girlsthatlift #bodybuilding #fithappyhealthy #fitnessnutrition

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I will say I have over trained and under ate in the past and that lead to my body seriously breaking down. Now I maintain a balance between my nutrition and training. I mainly focus on weights. I love doing drop sets and supersets it really challenges my output. I don't stress myself too much with cardio. I make sure to get it in, but you wont catch me doing more than 30 mins at a given time. I implement HIIT cardio for a max of 18 mins ( 3 min warm up, 12 min intervals and 3 min cool down) This is what works best for me. Now it's really exhausting some days because you are really giving it your all. So on days that I am extremely tired or am nearing closer to my show I will switch to that 30 mins of Slow Steady State Cardio. The intensity of my work outs will determine what I consume, for an example on a leg day I will incorporate a carb refeed. It all just depends on where I am at physically and how my body feels.

This last competition I did was one of the best experiences I have had yet. I usually get really nervous the whole weekend from checkins leading up to finals. This time around I was so confident in myself and the package I was bringing to the stage that I couldn't help but to just have fun. I really think that my prep had a lot to do with it because I had such an amazing prep. I wasn't starving. I wasn't over training. I felt really, really good throughout the whole 12 weeks which allowed me to soak up every moment of that weekend.

Being an athlete has opened up so many doors for me and it has made me a very passionate person. I have a lot of hereditary health issues that run in my family. Some of them I have and live with, but being an athlete keeps my health in check and prevents a lot of those issues from consuming my life. I was born with spina bifida oculta and developed endometriosis at an early age. If it wasn't for becoming the athlete that I am today I would probably be laid up in bed with chronic pain.

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I am currently working on developing my training business "Boulay Fit" I am so excited because this is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. My dream is to flourish my business and open my own gym one day. In the meantime I plan on competing in many more shows in hope to achieve my IFBB pro card.

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