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Hi! My name is Ashley Lockaby, I want to share with you my personal journey which led me to the point I’m at now…

Starting at the age of 4, I was involved in gymnastics and dance for many hours a week. When I reached high school I quit gymnastics and went full force for my schools cheerleading team. I made varsity as a freshman, was captain by my senior year and won the RI State Championship with my team. I also made All-State 2 years in a row, and would eat, sleep and breathe cheerleading. I continued my cheerleading career in college at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. Not only being a member of the nationally ranked team but I was appointed the position of Strength and Conditioning Coach. I lead the team in early morning conditioning and helped to train the team for nationals.

But at our first competition of the year I broke my foot while competing, leaving me on crutches for the rest of the season. At first, I was absolutely devastated. But I soon realized that I could not let this hold me down… literally. I used this as motivation to get into the gym and begin weight lifting on a daily basis (while on crutches). I am not one to be able to sit still so I had to find somewhere to expend my energy and frustration. I experimented with different workout programs and exercises that I could perform with my cast and crutches. Let’s just say I learned a great deal and became very creative when coming up with workouts!

Between training the cheer team, experimenting in the gym with my injury, and learning more in my Exercise Science classes at SHU, I could not get enough! I found an overwhelming desire to learn everything I possibly could about health and the fitness industry. The passion I discovered while motivating and encouraging others was like no other feeling in the world. Although I loved the sports I was previously involved in, nothing compared to my new-found drive and enthusiasm for the fitness field! I also quickly realized that everything happens for a reason and although things may seem awful at one point in time it may lead you to your dream!

Soon after, I received my Personal Training Certification and graduated with my Bachelors in Exercise Science. I began by simply creating new workout plans and diet modifications for myself, then my friends and family. But as I started to progress and share my own accomplishments, I really did change my entire lifestyle. I saw that I was motivating others throughout my journey and absolutely loved it. I had also never felt or looked better in my life!

The more progress I made, the more motivated I was to keep transforming and growing as an athlete and a person. I knew that I had to share this feeling with the world and help others to obtain this miraculous, but achievable, transformation and lifestyle change. I thought that if got up onto that stage I could show myself and others that you really can do anything that you put your mind to. I wanted to prove to myself that I could learn enough, train hard enough and push myself to new limits all on my own and get up on that stage! And that is exactly what I did! Less than 1 year after I broke my foot I was competing in my first OCB Figure Competition, taking placing 2nd! And coaching, training and creating my own diet and workouts to get there. I had never felt happier, more accomplished or more confident in my decision to continue to pursue my dreams within the fitness field.


I try and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the entire year, whether I am in contest prep or off-season. I usually drop my carbohydrate and fat intake gradually each week as I get closer to competition. I also slowly increase my protein and fiber intake as my calories are dropping, in order to maintain energy levels as much as possible. Throughout my off-season I gradually increase my carbs as I lift heavier and work on building muscle and maturity. This also allows me to eat with a bit more leniency, satisfying all of my cravings and eating everything I want, in moderation. I always track my calories and macronutrient intake in order to stay on track no matter point in the season. But overall I try and focus on BALANCE and constantly living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

For my first competition I took the route of “clean eating”. I would not allow myself any sweets, any cravings or any food that was off of my “diet”. I developed a strict regimen for myself in which I would eat the same meals each day consisting of what many think of as a “bodybuilder diet”. I was eating chicken, fish, egg whites, asparagus and sweet potatoes VERY frequently. But, after my first competition I simply missed so many foods, that I did a bit of overindulging. I learned the hard way, but realized that a completely “clean eating” diet was not for me. I then began learning and performing more research and found that tracking macronutrients or IIFYM (if it fits your macros) was a much better plan for me. With this program I was able to fit in any foods that I was craving and live a much more attainable lifestyle. I still maintain this today, having tracked my calorie intake daily for the past 3 years. I have found this to be a sustainable, healthy diet and something that I am able to follow no matter how busy life may get.


I have never really enjoyed cardio/ running and have almost always been one to lift whenever I possibly can. I would find myself performing a warm-up on the treadmill and brainstorming new ideas for my lifts! (Hence, why I incorporate 5-6 days of heavy lifting with many supersets during every phase of my training). I enjoy lifting heavy, setting new records and goals for myself as well as getting very creative! I often perform exercises such as handstand push-ups and one arm push-ups during my lifts, while people stare at me like I have 10 heads. But, I do what I love, what I enjoy and I know that my body and my mind will reflect that! I also incorporate HIIT training multiple times per week. As I am trying to lean out for a competition I will add steady-state cardio while I am decreasing my carbs, in order to have the largest impact on fat loss. Overall, I LOVE challenging my body, trying new things and not being set in a typical bodybuilding regimen. Any activity, in which you can burn calories while enjoying yourself, can be an excellent addition to training in my eyes!

On Stage

Starting at a very young age my mom enrolled me in a wide variety of activities from dance and gymnastics to singing and theater. After performing in plays, competing in dance and gymnastics and often having an audience, I was able to easily transitioning onto the bodybuilding stage. I have always enjoyed performing for others, being in the spotlight and keeping an audience entertained. I think this is why I enjoyed the Fitness division of the NPC. I was able to incorporate all of my past experiences into one performance, in which I could showcase all of my hard work. I was certainly nervous and doubtful at times, but my passion and excitement well overpowered this and I was able to truly enjoy myself on stage during each and every competition.

At my last competition I had a very stressful but absolutely incredible experience. I was not only competing in the Woman’s Fitness category but Woman’s Physique as well. Many people thought I was crazy for competing in both divisions, especially for my first show in Woman’s Physique. But, being the ambitious, crazy, driven person that I am; I knew that nothing could stop me! I trained diligently for both divisions and when it came to show day I could not be more excited. I performed a Lion King themed Fitness routine as well as a Woman’s Physique posing routine on top of comparison poses for both divisions. So needless to say I was on stage quite a bit, changing like crazy throughout the entire show. On top of that the Fitness and Physique categories were back to back! Talk about stressful! But with the help of my incredible sisters I was able to quickly change back and forth, run around the stage and perform back-flips and handstands in the hallways to warm up. I soon became known as “The crazy fitness girl”, at that show but had an absolute blast and met so many incredible people along the way! I ended up placing first in both divisions and had numerous people tell me how much they enjoyed my performances! It really was one the best days of my life and I will continue to work hard and perform my heart out during at every show because there simply is no better feeling in the world!

I am currently attending Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT as a full time graduate student. I will be receiving my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in May 2017. I am also currently training clients’ online, as well as in-person training and group exercise classes at SHU. After graduation I plan on working as a full time Physical Therapist, while also getting back on stage! I am really looking forward to bringing back a whole new physique- bigger, leaner and more motivated then ever! I would still like to compete in both Fitness and Woman Physique Divisions in pursuit of obtaining my IFBB Pro in the near future as well as opening my own gym!

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