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I played college soccer and studied Exercise Science at Jacksonville University. In the weight room I developed at passion for lifting and weight training. When college was over, I was in a Bailey's Powerhouse Gym when an Old Man, Billy Frasier, approached me and ask me if I had ever thought of competing in bodybuilding. I was curious and it all began there in 2008.

Off season my diet is clean but occasionally I enjoy wine and I love Mexican foods. Pre-contest I eat very specific foods, zero sugars and lower my carbs. Personally I am carb sensitive so I keep my carbs pre contest to jasmine white rice and sweet potato. In the morning I love cream of wheat with Walden farms sugar free calorie free syrup or a scoop of protein mixed in. Contest prep usually consists of 7 meals/day around 1650-1700 calories.

Usually competitors have the big buttered steak and potato meal the night before contest... this washes out my abs and makes me bloat. I simply cannot tolerate the caloric burst. So we keep the clean diet straight through to stage.

Europa 2016 Orlando... This was the best I had ever shown. I am thrilled with the prep. Ready to attack the weak areas that show on stage ... Bright light will find any and all flaws :) #npcfigurecompetitor #nationalsbound #hardworkpaysoff #posing

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I like to lift hard and heavy, always. 8 weeks from contest I start to add 2 days of plyos into my routine, but I always lift as heavy as possible for the reps. I LOVE drop sets, everything to failure. Diet slightly lightens the lifts as I get closer to the contest and my amount of carbs drop. Especially peak week when the carbs are nearly zero. It is rare that I drop the weight and raise the reps. I like to feel full.

Self confidence: I am not really sure I ever lacked the self confidence. I mean it is scary, but in a good adrenaline rush type way. I have always been a pretty strong personality. I get the jitters as we line up back stage and I focus on my breathing. 7 seconds to breath in and 11 seconds to breath out, it calms me.

Recent show experiences:
Jax Physique: Check in was very smooth. The staff present was so incredibly nice and easy to work with. I was measured and given my information to show up for meetings the next morning. Morning of contest, athlete meeting was great. The judges were encouraging and gave us pep talks. Dexter Jackson thanked us for participating and then we got started with prejudging. Prejudging was quick and painless, we had comparisons and it was over. Finals we had individual introductions and that is where I was able to show personality and individuality. I won my class and then had the opportunity to pose down for Overall. It was an absolute blast. I didn't receive overall, but it was so worth the experience.

Europa Orlando: By far the largest show I have participated in. I was slightly overwhelmed. The check in hotel was massive and I had to navigate to find the meeting spot. Once I was checked in, I was excited. Then I saw every other athlete had a badge and I hadn't received one. The morning of contest I was frantic trying to gain access or reach anyone on staff. Thankfully I found a familiar face from the Jax Physique that happened to be on staff for both shows. She quickly found my badge and made it all work.... thank heavens. This was my first time participating in a 2 day show. Prejuding went very fast. They called for figure to start preparing and before I could grab a band to get a pump we were lined up about to go on stage. I was part of the first call outs and was super excited to return the next day. Finals was much longer as we waited for the body builders to do their posing routines. The top 5 were awarded trophies and given the chance to pose individually. It was a little more intimidating being on such a large stage and in front of so many spectators. Nonetheless it was very exciting and I won 2nd in my class and qualified for Nationals.

Future Plans: North American Championships in Pittsburgh. I want that IFBB Pro title :)

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