Ashley Cutforth - Figure Competitor

Iíve always loved the stage I started completely dancing at the age of seven, followed through all the way till I was eighteen, and as a dancer your either go with a company, teach (which I did for many years) or you're done. Unfortunately for me teaching didnít kill that want, no let me clarify need for the stage, so shortly after being out of dance, I watched my older sister compete in bodybuilding as well as many friends (i worked in a gym, so I was constantly surrounded by it), then when I graduated high school I decided I'd give it a try, and have been addicted ever since.

My diet has always been fairly healthy as my mother always pushed clean eating throughout my childhood, off-season usually involves more carbs and cheat meals accordingly, in all reality it's the only way you can build a good base before cutting season is by eating! my pre-contest season is fairly strict, mind you every person's body is different what I found this past competing is carb cycling worked best for my body, and little to no cheat meals as they almost give me food hangover and food babies, in all reality being competition ready I canít stress this enough you have to listen and trust your coach, give it 100 percent in the diet along with the training, they arenít kidding when they say abs are made in the kitchen!

Iíve tried many different kinds of dieting actually mainly to see what works best with my body, I tried ketosis which works for most people and they drop weight like crazy! Unfortunately for me the no carb high fat has no effect on me, your body needs carbs to function as well as your brain! Diets such as these usually work quiet well are more so a quick fix for cutting, little do most realize how quickly your body adapts, not to mention how hard it is on your metabolism and thyroid.

In the gym I give it my 100 percent effort every time, I focus on every single muscle and how their all used for a greater purpose, I usually start my mornings off with some fasted cardio, depending on how lean I am ranges from 30-60 minutes, this involves atlas 20min HITT running then the rest in whatever I fancy that day but has to be in moderate-hard pace, then I usually eat (i would pass out if I didnít) then train hard hitting certain body parts per day, they alternate (depending on what my goals are for stage). I usually hit everybody part once then shoulders and legs both twice a week, due to forever chasing that x-frame. I am the queen of multitasking making sure all meals is prepped for the day eating every 2.5-3 hours, as I am very busy currently in university, spending 3-4 hours in the gym as well as work, busy-bee thats for sure!

In all honesty it is one of the hardest things a person can do is go on stage in front of hundreds of people and be judged half naked, but here's the thing such little amount of the population can do this, to be on that stage and show eve people who ever brought you down, doubted you to prove them wrong and being proud of who you are and how far youíve come is much more a success than a trophy in my eyes. Every time I compete I constantly tell my self all that matters is that you were better than you were yesterday, that no matter the outcome your happy to be there and proud of who you are. I walk on that stage pretend that its only me out there and it's my stage and no one can take it from me.

This year I competed at CBFF Nationals in Vancouver CA, it was one of the most amazing experiences, at weigh-ins a got my jacket couldnít believe me a National competitor, like WHAT is this real life! Then at pre-judging I met so many amazing athletes from all over Canada whom all looked so incredible, the atmosphere was intense but so incredible all at once, I remember when they called my number first for first callout I has to triple take centre first callouts unmoved, one of the most amazing feelings ever, as I went into Nationals with the mindset I was there for experience and to beat my provincial package. After fulling up and touching up my nasty tan and hair along came the finals, where I won my class and no I never thought I'd be one of those girls that cried when she got a trophy.. I was it was just so amazing I couldnít believe it then to have a pose down with all the class winners (whom of which 3/5 are all now pros!) was so unbelievable!

Future has so much entail for me number one goal is to crush school, I will be going into my 3rd year of human kinetics in pursuit to be a sports therapist, then a strength and conditioning coach on the side. Other than that one of my dreams is to get my pro card as a natural athlete (which is tough to do in figure), Iím hoping to bring a crazy package to 2016 and that cards, lots to come!!

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