Ashley Caligiuriís Fitness Journey

How I started:
The ďhowĒ has involved so many different turns in my life and influential people in my path along the way. I grew up playing soccer at the age of four. My dad played professional for the LA Galaxy and U.S National team so naturally he was my role model growing up. Soccer stole my heart forever, it was my dream to follow in my dadís footsteps and to continue the ďCaligiuriĒ name to be known. I have always been one to set high goals for myself, making the Womanís U.S National team wasnít the only thing, but to help inspire, motivate, and encourage others around the world. Help them recognize that the sky is the limit, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

That opportunity came to me on April 28th, 2012 after finishing up my second year playing college soccer I got in a severe car accident and I can truly say I was lucky to survive. Both ankles had to have reconstructive surgery, broken rib and fractured skull. Looking back at pictures I canít complain about the outcome. I am definitely blessed to be able to write this message and share my story with others. The outcome of all this was I lost soccer, something very painful to overcome and accept but through this journey it has helped me become stronger than ever. I was lost for a couple years, didnít know what I wanted to do with my life all I knew was soccer and that I loved to live a healthy lifestyle. Prior to my accident I was in the gym constantly. People would come up to me asking me for advice or tell me that I should consider competing. In the back of my mind I was convinced that I had potential in the fitness industry.

So I finally sat down and asked myself what else do I love? What do I enjoy doing and makes me happy? It finally clicked, the gym! I am so passionate about working out because at the end of the day I know I am taking care of my body, pushing myself to the all kinds of limits every day, helping me become better person mentally and physically. It keeps me on my toes and on a routine and the beauty of it all I am inspiring and motivating others on a daily basis. That is what I live for, I love the fact that I can help others while I am doing something that I love to do, itís such a rewarding and humbling feeling.

These last four years of my life have been the challenging but rewarding. Itís taught me to never give up on something that you love and passionate about. Not everyone has to see YOUR vision as long as YOU see it that is all that matters. Keep a positive head on your shoulders, get away from the people that bring you down, and keep your eye on the prize. There is no strength with no struggle. Yes, I lost one dream but I also gained another and now fulfilling that dream every day. You will stumble and fall but you will stand back up and keep fighting. At the end of the day you are your own hero.

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My favorite exercises:
Iíd have to say I enjoy working out my legs and glutes the most. I definitely would have to thank soccer for giving me some thunder thighs LOL!

Diet: Due to being an athlete my entire life diets werenít my things at ALL! I mean let me tell ya, in college my girls and I would look forward to a nice in n out burger after a rough game LOL! We had to reward ourselves somehow, what better way than food? My point, I never really had to watch what I ate until I got older and now donít play soccer anymore. At first it was very challenging for me due to the fact it was something new to me. So I was scared of eating carbs, thought if I did I would gain wait. False! As I continued to learn more and more about dieting, itís all about portion size and BALANCE! Also, everyoneís body is different which I knew so I honestly just started to get to know my body. Cleaned up my eating, stuck with whole foods, lean protein and veggies and every now and then I reward myself. Either pizza or in n out I am a sucker for both!

Body Part: I faced many challenges when it came to working out again, the hardest was my legs due to my injury in my ankles I overcompensate with my left leg and also my mobility isnít as good as before. So I had to adjust to that, it took some time and A LOT of stretching, to this day I still have problems but thatís something I just have to learn to live it. Getting back into the gym after my car accident was actually very intimidating due to the fact that I was out of the fitness world for a couple years so naturally gained some weight and I also felt like I forgot everything. Finally I sucked it and stepped into the gym, didnít care what people thought, IF they were looking at me, I didnít care. I wasnít there for them I was there for ME!

Within three months I was back to where I was prior to my accident, but this time better than ever. I told myself I want to make this come back huge where I can touch othersí lives and possibly give them some encouragement, strength something! I kid you not, people started sharing some personal experiences that they went through or were going too at the time and following my journey over social media helped them realize they can overcome it, and they did. Others enjoyed seeing the positivity I shared daily. It was a variety of different situations but overall I was helping others which was such a rewarding feeling. I wanted to share my journey from the beginning because big or small doesnít matter we ALL have experiences in life that we go through that help us find ourselves through this crazy thing we call life. I want someone to look at me and say ďBecause of you I didnít give upĒ and trust me I will get there. Why? Because itís my vision.

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