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I competed in swimming from I was 12 to 21, then went to college, when I returned I found I needed a goal to work towards, I saw someone who competed in bikini fitness on Facebook and I thought it looked like fun. I had my stage debut in 2013 in bikini fitness in Stavanger Open where I won my class and the Overall title! It was a great shock but I knew I immediately had found my passion in life. The next year I moved up to women's physique, where I ended up being Nordic Champion. 2015 I took a year of and this year I won the Overall title at Loaded Cup, got 7 th at the Arnolds in Ohio and 7 at the European championship as well as 1 place at Oslo grand prix and a third place in the European championship for mixed pairs.

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My diet is mostly the same on and off apart from bigger amounts off season and I have 1 weekly cheat meal with dessert. And I'm not as strict with everything. It consists of chicken, fish, beef, rice, jams, oats, fruit, vegetables and dietary supplements such as vitamins, BCAA, Whey etc.
For me I found building muscle is easier with an slight excess of calories from carbs, maybe: 35 %protein, 60 % carbs, and 5 % fat, for leaning down/ (shredding) I mostly do a high protein, low fat, carb cycling, with 6-7 meals a day. Around 50-60% protein, 30-40 % carbs and 5-1% fat. Where all days apart from the high day is below daily use of calories. At most 550 kcal - per day.

I did have some problems with my diet in 2014 when I did not do the cabs cycling and I did not have any fatty acid supplements. What I did to get my metabolism going again was lowering the protein a bit, add 5 grams of omega 3 and increase the carbs slightly on a cycle, that got things going again. Also My metabolism slows down on a high fat /low carb diet so, keto diets are not for me.

I have an 8 split training weight lifting programme my coach @joakimhetland made, It's 3 cycles heavy, 1 cycle lighter, 1 cycle intense high reps. He calls it crazy week. I do 40-50 fasted cardio every morning, rollerblading or fast pace walking, but only because I like it.

My self confidence comes from believing in myself and believing I win. I actually wrote a book about this. It will be published soon.

The Loaded Cup for me was the best show this Season, check in was super organised, smooth and without a lot of waiting. Back stage was massive and my coach could easily follow my progress with each minute. My shape was on point perfectly and everything on stage went great. I loved it. The feeling of being on stage is one of the best feelings I ever had. Hearing my name called out as the winner was indescribable, overwhelming feeling of achievement and happiness. And having a big hamburger with my teammates after was super fun.

The worst one might be the European Championship, at that point I was very tired from dieting. Backstage was small and everything was so badly planned and late. I spent hours just waiting backstage in my suit. And I felt the judging did not favour my type of physique. The IFBB came out with a press report early this year saying that the guidelines for womens physique would be adjusted to prize lesser size and more on performance and overall physique. You can see it in this link here - (view the video at 11:03). I felt the winners in the European Championship in my class did not reflect those decisions or guidelines. It made me disappointed and unmotivated as a clean athlete. Like walking the path to the top will be impossible without the use of steroids etc. But I still haven´t given up and will continue to fight a drug free road to the top.

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I'm hoping to do some shows in the US next summer/fall as I am currently residing in Los Angeles. I'm here doing a personal trainer course in School. I will also continue working on my site which is a fitness site for girls with articles, interviews, training routines and recipes etc.

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