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I have always been interested in sports since I was a child. I used to be a gymnast and a tennis player as well. My family is composed by some athletes as far as the skiing. For this reason, I have always loved being competitive and looking for new goals each time. I started going to the gym when I finished my University studies. I had no more time to practice sports in a competitive level. So, I decided to focus on my body trying to keep it healthy and in a good shape. People looked at me in a different way wondering if I was training for some fitness competitions. I do admit I had no idea what they were talking about. I started watching videos on Youtube and following fitness models on Social Media. This was the very moment I joined BodyBuilding. My routine immediately changed. I was very motivated to workout and had a healthy diet. People encouraged me and supported my efforts. They wanted to see me on the stage. This was a very strong energy and I couldn't help but taking part in it.

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Before bodybuilding I was a real junky food addicted. Fitness properly saved my life and my heart as well. I started reverse dieting at the very beginning even if it was June 2016. I still can remember how I was happy in loosing weight and being much more shredded eating a lot of carbs.
I couldn't believe it. After some months I changed my plan and I tried with a ketogenic one. High pros and fats helped me to be even more shredded. In September, I decided to compete in the Bikini category at the Italian IFBB competitions in November. As far as my prep to that stage, I found much more helpful following a low carbs diet with some refeed days. In this way, I could maintain the big volumes with a very low body fat. That's properly the best for me.
Unfortunately, that preparation for IFBB was partially in vane since I was called by Netflix to join a Fitness program.

I have not had any competition plans that have failed me. I pretty much stay on the same meal plans throughout the year changing carbs and fat a little bit in order to see what makes me feel best. Generally I always eat pretty the same foods since I have gluten and dairy allergies. I love fish much more than chicken and I prefer seeds rather than dried fruits.

I train 5-6 days a week for two hours long. I split my weights workout in different body parts a day: back/biceps and triceps, back legs, shoulders, front legs, cardio, gluteus. I prefer working out in the early afternoon since nobody is there and I can do all the super sets I need to. As I said, I prefer working on short pause break and high super set reps in order to increase my volumes. At the end of my session, I dedicate 15-20 minutes HIIT cardio or walking on an inclined treadmill with lunges.
My childhood background forced me to do some stretching and bodyweight training as well. I prefer separating it from lifting weights in order to focus my attention more and more.

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Self-confidence is something I really should thank my ex-boyfriend of. I never had it when I had a couple relationship since I was considering myself ugly and not strong enough. When I broke up, I started going to the gym and gaining muscles. So, self-confidence came even more. Nowadays, there is no single day spent without posing. It doesn't matter where I am, I will always find a way and a mirror where to look at my volumes and appreciate them. I love showing my physique because I can let everybody understand how strong my personality is and how all the people should feel.

I look forward to stepping on stage and savoring every minute of it. I don't feel nervous since I exactly know which are my goals and I'm focusing all my energies every single day. 2017 will be all about competitions. I will first join FIBNN as for Fitness Model in May, then Mofit ( Model Fitness International ) in June and maybe the NBFI in June as well.

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