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A new IFBB Bikini Pro, 2018 NPC Teen Collegiate & Masters National Championships

My trainer and I talked about it during my one-on-one personal training sessions I had just graduated with my MBA and I needed a new goal. In January 2017, I decided to compete in my first show which was the Phil Heath Show in Arlington, TX where I placed 1st in Masters, 3rd in Open and 3rd in Novice. I was excited to place among many high caliber and beautiful women. The experience was exciting and after that show I wanted to see how far I could take myself into Bodybuilding. After this National Qualifier, I went on to do two national shows and in my fourth time competing I received my IFBB Pro Card at the NPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters Nationals among 20 beautiful women in Class A.

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During my off-season, I like to keep it flexible with an 80/20 ratio on clean dieting and my cheat meals. My clean eating consists of protein sources from eggs, chicken breast, turkey and tilapia; my carbs are from mainly veggies, sweet potatoes and oatmeal; and my fats are from coconut oil, avocados and almond butter. I stay in tune with my body so I know when Iíve gone too far and I get back on track. Iíll usually eat clean during the week and have my cheats on the weekend.

Pre-contest, I'm very strict with my diet. I follow the diet and training plan my Coach programs for me. My diet consists of a set 4 ounces of protein with every meal six times a day, along with a combination of carbs and fats, depending on how I look that week. This has worked well for me, it's simple and flexible. The supplements I take include, protein, BCAAís and I bring in pre-workout in the four weeks leading up to the show. The diet I find most effective is eating green veggies with my protein.

I love the stage, I love the rush, anticipation and showmanship. Since an early age I competed in ballet, did several beauty pageants throughout my life, performed in dance groups and cheerleading competitions. The stage feels natural for me and when I get there I turn into a different person. During a show, I try to relax, but stay focused on myself so during this time I donít talk much. Then right before I walk on stage I repeat to myself, "show them what youíve been working so hard for and give them all you got" and it usually calms me down.

My training program includes weight training, crossfit three to four times a week and steady-state cardio. When I train, I like to get my workout plan ahead of time so I can visualize how Iím going to approach the workout. I use muscle-mind connection to focus on the muscle Iím working and ensure Iím fully present when I perform a lift. I like to focus on consistent, 120% effort with any modality of training instead of focusing on winning a show. My goal each day is to be the hardest working person in the room.

In order to achieve balance in my preps, I practice a lot of self-awareness: if Iím tired, I rest; If I feel energy, I push harder; if I feel hungry I eat. I know when my mind, body and spirit are out of balance and I give myself what I need to get back. Iíve worked through four preps and Iíve found what works best for me. So the best knowledge I can pass along is to MASTER YOURSELF, know your strengths and weaknesses and apply them in an advantageous way. We are all different, no one thing will work the same on another.

My most recent contest was when I received my IFBB Pro Card at the NPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh PA. The competition promoter Gary Udit and his staff are so friendly and make the whole check in, prejudging and finals experience so comfortable for the athletes. It's well organized with competition apps, text alerts, announcements and many ushers and hosts. It really helped take the stress out of the day especially being in a brain fog from being in a state of depletion.

Being an athlete creates strong mental fortitude. I become more fearless, focused and disciplined. The mind is very powerful, many things can be manifested from a single thought. So Iíve learned to convict the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings. This has helped me greatly. In following a rigid workout/diet schedule, I literally lean out all the unnecessary things in my life and spend my time with the things that are positive and add value.

Future plans: I donít like to announce my moves before I make it. I like to have a long talk with God, my loved ones and my Coach before I take on another competition. Iíve learned that in this industry, I canít do it alone. It takes true sacrifices to get through a prep, so the more positive supporters I have behind me, the better my experience.

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