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Anne: I have always been passionate about athletics and dance especially ballet dance. I started pole dancing 4 years ago in Paris with Doris Arnold and I and I became totally addicted. I choose to start a full-time career in the pole dance industry 2 years ago to follow my dream and now I have my own pole dance studio and Iím a pole dance instructor and a pole dance performer. I would love to enter a competition next year.

I have an autoimmune disease and I have decided that I wonít let my long life disease control my life! I choose a healthy living in agreement with my convictions and my health troubles so I am vegan.

Pole dancing builds strength, core, flexibility, endurance and balance you become strong, confident and fearless. Pole dancing is a total body workout; all your muscles are involved. By the way itís all about dance for me and I love to create choreographies. Pole dancing is a great way to work out having fun, trying new spins and tricks, you constantly challenging yourself! It burns fat so well, you are moving constantly, trying to stay on the pole without touching the ground during few minutes.

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Pole dancing exercises: There are so many conditioning exercises for pole dancing, I use many ballet dance exercises for legs and balance and yoga for core stability and breathing, I practice body weight work out and I complete my conditioning with TRX.

I love core workout with the pole: all kind of plank (iguana plank, shoulder mount plank, table top plank.) and dead lifts (shoulder mount, twisted grip, cup grip, normal grip dead lifts). Dead lifts are the hardest for me, it's all about strength, I love it and it's challenging.

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