Anna Nietupski - WNBF/DFAC Figure Pro

I have grown up being athletic, a 3 sport athlete through high school and college, however I no longer had the time or commitment once I was accepted into pharmacy school. My love for staying healthy and active transferred over to the weight room and the rest is history.

I follow a meal plan with set macros year round, not just during contest prep. It helps when I have a plan in place. The things that change during offseason are things like number of calories, the percentages of macros are tweaked a bit, and I allow myself a cheat meal per week. But for the most part I eat the same types of foods year round just in different amounts. I don't have a coach to make my diets or meal plans for me. I adjust everything myself. Nobody knows your own body better than yourself and I feel by tweaking my own diet I'm able to better respond based on how my body is responding to the diet. Much more flexibility that way and it's a huge learning process- but by doing it this way I'm always satisfied with the diet plan.

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I lift 5 times a week, whether I am in prep or not. In prep I focus more on higher reps and more intensity. I like to make my workouts more cardio-based by adding plyometric supersets in between exercises and sets. I wear a heart rate monitor watch and watch it closely, trying not to let it drop too low for the entire time I am training. I like to incorporate fasted cardio because it wakes me up and energizes me for the day. I don't enjoy steady state cardio very much so I almost always do interval and HIIT for cardio.

Self-confidence to walk on stage: This is probably my biggest weakness. I'm in no means a girly girl. It's basically the only time you will ever catch me in heels, haha. This next prep I plan on spending much more time on stage presence and posing because now that I will be competing as a pro, stage presence is even more crucial than before.

At my last show, I feel like I didn't perform very well during pre-judging. I was shaky on stage and nervous in my heels- I did not feel confident. And as we know, the judges usually have a pretty good idea of the winners after this round. I spent a few minutes afterwards sulking and feeling regretful backstage. However, I remembered how much time and effort I had put into this and how I wasn't going to make the very best of it. I went out for finals with higher confidence and had fun with it and remembered it's just me against myself out there.

I am in the beginning of prep for the fall competition season. I plan to compete in a couple pro figure shows between September and October and can't be more excited to see what package I can bring. I am always interested in helping others with their training and would love to network for future business opportunities.

Fall in love with the process, and the results will come. #TransformationTuesday #bodybuilding #fitness #figurecompetitor #fitchick #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #progress #250kchallenge #5weeksout #natty #bflotuff #strongnotskinny #motivation #youvsyou #p4pmuscle #sponsoredathlete #ewgrossmuscles @bodybuildingcom @dymatize

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