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I started my fitness journey simply to loose weight after quitting smoking in 2009. At the time I put on weight 20kg in one month and I was quite big size 16/18 girl. I couldnít look at myself in the mirror so I decided to start getting my fitness back and started from cardio, running to be precise. My fitness level was quite good on University as I was studying on Academy of Sport Education back in Poland. Unfortunately somehow I went down hill from such a good start. I have smoked cigarettes for 10 years, and I used to drink too much of alcohol as students do. There were few turning points for me. First one, it was my beloved father. I quit smoking one month before he passed away. He was so happy that I stopped the habit therefore I will never ever start smoking again. Second one: before I decided to come to England to look for a better job I found out I have a tumour on my ovary. Had to go for surgery to have it removed. Hint from God for me here was to be careful what I am doing in my life, to take care of health and body as I have another chance to live now and make it a healthy live. The tumour was borderline. I was told that if it hasn't been found for few more months, it could be turning into cancerous. Therefore I consider myself as very lucky human being.

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After 3 years of running and trying different diets, I have lost the gained weight. I was much happier, fitter (longest run 44k) but I wanted more. I wanted to have muscles and be stronger so I donít need to rely on nobody. I bought my first set of weight to train at home. It was 52 in total. I got stronger, my body responded very well to weight training. During this time the biggest impact on my training and motivation was EliteEvolution team from London who helped me with nutrition also. When I became a little bit more comfortable in what I am doing, gaining knowledge about nutrition and training and 52kg became not enough, I bought my first membership to a local gym. I was training every day, getting stronger. Then the idea of competing was born. I knew one thing: I want to be like Dana Lynn Bailey. Gym gave big motivation.
I had lots of negativity around as I said I want to do womenís physique one day. Everyone around said I would do ok in bikini. Well I stand by my dream and worked towards it. If someone tells me that I can't do something, I will prove them and myself that I CAN.

In the mean time in the same gym I met my partner. We started to workout together. Since beginning he had that strange believe in me, he saw that yes I am right. I can do Women's Physique if I work hard to make improvements on my body. The frame was there. We just had to focus on building nice and round muscles as well as pleasing shape. Since then I have an amazing spotter and support. He always believe in me even when others left me on side, always push me towards my goal if I am loosing my faith in process or when the diet kicks in and makes me think the worse of me (too small, too fat etc.). He showed me a lot of different styles of training which I loved straight away. I just love to train hard. We set my goal and get serious with training. Last year (in 2015 we decided that it is time for me to step on stage. With help of IFBB PRO Kris Dim and IFBB PRO Rosie Rascal Harte I placed second in my first ever show in Leeds and have qualified to British finals. I had 3rd call out at the British. It was a long prep full of changes. I didnít get my condition right and still needed more size. But it is a learning process so here I am fighting for my dream.

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My off-season diet is not going much off the prep diet. It is just filled with more carbohydrates. I am allowed to two cheat meals a week. I keep some cardio after training as I can rebound very quickly on a big scale. Here is an example of an off-season diet:
Meal 1
6 egg whites 1yolk
1/2 scoop whey
70g oats
1/2 banana

Meal 2
180g chicken
200g sweet potato

Meal 3
200g lean steak
100g greens
60g rice
Tbsp olive oil

Meal 4
200g white fish
200g sweet potato

Meal 5
1 x salmon fillet
100g greens

Meal 6
30g casein
30g whey isolate
20g walnuts

After training I have a scoop of whey with vitargo. I always have some extra carbohydrates before training of body part I need to do most improvements to. It can be for example 60 g of cereals.
When I start my contest prep I still keep quite a lot of carbs but I carb rotate so I have one high carb day a week, 3 low carb and 3 moderate carb days.

Depends from how I look I will switch my diet to Ketogenic diet. My body reacts very good to diet high with fats. I keep my proteins on a minimal level just to maintain my muscles and it will be 1g for 1lbs of my lean body mass. When I am on Keto I do not have any carbohydrates included as it would only spike my sugar levels. Some people go up to 50g, I don't. First couple of weeks, sometimes 3 weeks I do not have any re-feds too. I will have one when my body start to respond to diet. At this point my body start to change drastically week by week. And this is what I love about bodybuilding. You work hard, diet hard and your body is your trophy. Amazing to see all these changes. It's like making a sculpture. The best thing is that with time the diet becomes something so natural that even if you would like to eat full fatty and sugary foods, you won't enjoy it. I love to feel that my body is healthy. Especially after how I was treating it when I was younger.

While getting ready for British finals in 2015 I had to look for someone to help me get better condition and be there for me face to face. I have given all my trust in someone and unfortunately I have been put on a keto diet, as I see it now very poorly thought trough as for calorie intake and balance. I have lost some muscles towards the finals due to doing too much cardio (3h a day) at only 1500 kcal so on a quite high calorie deficit. Together with my partner we was just blinded as we wanted to do so well and instead of listening to our body, we was willing to follow what someone say and never questioned a thing. This was the biggest lesson for me. The person, who has helped us that time to make our body healthier and grow back the muscles as much as it was possible, was Rosie Harte.

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Off-season: weight training 4-5 times a week, keeping 20 min cardio after training (treadmill incline walk or Cross trainer). Diet in off-season is mostly carb rotation, higher on the days when I train body parts that need improvements the most. For proteins I use beef, salmon, pork, chicken. For Carbohydrates sweet potato, rice and oats.

Contest Prep: weights 6 times a week. In the beginning of prep I do 4 times a week morning cardio and keep my post workout cardio at 20 min. Together with the progress, I am upping my CV to 5-7 times a week in morning, even on a rest day (30-45 min) and also post workout cardio is upped to 6-7 times a week 30-45 min. In one session I am making sure I use Stairmaster and treadmill to balance it out and not to burn out my muscles, staying in fat burning zone at the same time.
I start my contest prep on carb rotation but lower calories. Same rule for the days when I train body parts that needs improvements (high carbs), around 8 weeks out I start my Keto diet. 1g of protein per 1 lbs of my body weight, and rest of the calories comes from fats (salmon, egg yolks, almonds, coconut oil and olive oil). I tend to grow to the show so my weight doesnít go drastically down. I stay on keto until I see that my body fat went down as needed. I also do 1 re-feed meal per week. In the beginning of prep it is not necessarily clean one. When itís a game time, it is only clean re-feed.

Building self-confidence: It might not look like it but it is not easy for me. Trough all my life I was always struggling with public performances, speeches and even at school to answer at loud questions asked by teacher. Also at my University I was bullied, as I never had a flat stomach. I just loved to eat, but wasnít obese at this point. So many times I heard ďOh my God, donít she have a mirror at home? Canít she see that fat?Ē, specially on gymnastics where we had to wear tight outfits. So even now I am very anxious about how I look. I always repeat to myself the words of IFBB PRO Kris Dim who said that posing is an art, we have to practice, practice, practice. Kai Greene always says to make the posing an art; Rosie says she changed into an actress while on stage and just plays the role. My partner Henry Chan is a great believer in myself and a huge support. He is a great poser too. He is the one who always see my progress even when I don't. He might not realise but he gives me that confidence too. These all aspects and my imagination of myself, as I want to be gives me the strength. This is what I am trying to do. It will take time but I will perfect the act of posing as I created it in my head. This is the minute of ours on that stage that we are working hard for after all so we just must enjoy it and present ourselves at best. The first time I stepped on stage I loved the feeling, somehow all nerves are going away. Slowly but surely getting there.

My latest Contest was my qualifier for this year British Finals. It was MAXXMUSCLE North Championships an event of IFBB PRO Anth Bailes. I think by far that this is one of the best qualifiers in England, very well organised, in a great venue, run smoothly as on schedule. The atmosphere is amazing on any of the shows. At the signing ins judges are always very nice and smiley and make us feel more relaxed. Although my category, Women's Physique is always after male bodybuilding, it's an all day wait but there is always place for us to just lay down and relax. As my partner is competing in under 80kg Bodybuilding, we are awaiting together backstage. Last chats, checking on the condition, practising posing routines, eating carbs and having a laughter. I think I am very blessed that I can do it together with my other half. Makes life much more interesting and maybe more relaxed on the day of the show.

This year I wasn't sure if I am going to qualify on my first show of the year as I knew my condition was a little bit too soft. Also I think I spilled on the day too but this is always getting new experience, something to learn from. At the end of the day I did enjoyed this show as we had very competitive class and I managed to place second, qualifying for the finals. Always great experience to be on stage with such a great girls, great proportions and condition. I think the Women's Physique girls in UK are really getting so much closer to each other every year. It is very supportive and friendly environment.

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Future plans

My future plans are to improve my physique every year. I know I have to put more work on my upper body as my lower body was always the strongest point, it doesn't help that I love leg day and it's very uncommon for me to experience DOMS in my legs and glutes. It does happen but not often. My partner always tells me that I am Polish Terminator (as originally I am from Poland but live in England since 2007).
Hopefully one day I will earn my PRO card and be able to compete internationally. The biggest dream is to get to Olympia stage and compete with the best of the bests. This would be amazing to be able to do as I do follow most of WPD athletes, so to be able to be on one stage with them and have enough competitive body to do so would be a big privilege.
This year our good friend Rosie Rascal Harte made it happen! She is competing on the Olympia stage in few weeks time and she is such and inspiration and prove that if you truly believe and work hard it will happen! There is no need to ďsellď your body on social media which is so popular these days. You don't need to put nudity online. Work hard and you will be noticed, respected and rewarded. Remember, hard work beats talent! So we work.

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