Angela Yeo - Physique Competitor, Follow-Up

July 2018

Experiences from recent shows

The Kentucky Muscle was my very first NPC show. Before that I had only competed in natural federations, but with two Physique World Titles underneath my belt I believed I was ready. What I brought as a natural athlete was enough to win me first place! My toughest competition on that stage gave me the biggest compliment I've ever received from a fellow competitor; after my performance, she said "you know who you are out there. Your identity shines through."

The Kentucky muscle was I think an 18-hour competition, which was longer than anything I had ever done in my life. I developed my mental toughness while we waited. It was sad that as women's physique went on stage there was barely anyone in the audience for finals, but it was a big show, well run, and it primed me for what was going to happen next.

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I'd have to say the Arnold Classic is one of the easiest competitions I've ever done, as far as the setup and what time I needed to be where. I was going into that competition only wanting to be top 10 maybe top five and when I won my way into finals that meant I had to compete for 2 days! Even then we still knew where we needed to be exactly when and nothing was too early or too late. Although it seems like there was the usual confusion about what was going to be happening on stage when and in what order, the handlers and backstage were very professionally run.

I never thought I'd be an Arnold athlete. I thought, that was too big of a show, I was too small, I didn't know the qualifications needed.. Then one day my husband brought home some application paperwork.. he simply said, "I thought you might want to see this". I held on to those papers for about 3 weeks. I sweat the decision... I KNEW this would take the most work I had ever been through. My spirit never said no. My spirit said, if not now, when? WHAT IF it could be me?? I MUST TRY!!!! I want this experience in my life! I want the person it will make me become! I want the mental strength to forge my body to new heights of artistry.. NO matter the trophy or placing. The "win" has never been what motivates me. It's the journey, the knowledge, following my instincts has NEVER been wrong. I wanted what committing to this would bring me.. So with a deep breath, I filled out the paperwork and walked it to the mailbox.. I had never competed NPC and here I was applying to be in the Arnold!! My resources are small. This was a huge step.

3 weeks later, I was accepted to compete. I screamed as though my heart had been touched in a way I didn't know it could and my life changed forever. I won third place at my first Arnold classic! It was the experience of a lifetime.. will never forget when my feet hit incredible stages that I had watched for years. I had arrived.

Prep challenges

For me the goal is always to be dating a living piece of art! What was different about my competition prep for the Kentucky muscle 2017 (1st Place and Overall) and the Arnold 2018 (placed third Physique amateur) was that I started at a much higher body weight than I had ever been at in my life. Throughout 2016 I focused on building mass, getting stronger through powerlifting, and trial-and-error my way through my first official bulk. I completely changed my way of eating. I had had a few months between shows in 2013 14 and 15 but I had never had enough time to get my calories up, and nor did I realize how to do it. I also did not trust myself to do it, and of course being as lean as some figure and physique competitors are, especially after winning my 2 world championships in 2015, your entire life is built around being as lean as possible. That's how you live your life for months and months on end.

At the end of 2015 I promised myself that I would not be one of those women that would take a year off and not do anything differently with their diet and never change!!! I was determined to grow! I put on 10 pounds of lean body mass. I structured my own diet off of male bodybuilders. I wanted to look more like them than some female athletes, and there was NO bulking info for us anywhere. So I made my own and gave myself plenty of time to build up, and hold it at 4,000+ cals, clean. Then, when the time came, I gave my coach and I plenty of time to cut for the Kentucky muscle and for the Arnold. That took a total of 10 months!!! It was long, and tedious, but it was the best way to keep as much of that lean body mass as possible. In the end I stripped off 30 lb and got down to 4.9% body fat. But the LENGTH of time to cut was brutal. I love my Athletics and I never missed any work- but the real mental challenge of having no flexibility, day in day out so many workouts so little energy.. my coach tells me that my preps are a little bit more difficult than most because when my food is fairly low I suffer from anxiety and severe sugar crashes when things are not planned right.

We all know that life is not perfect, and no matter how well you plan there's going to be a few days where things go wrong or your system simply does not cooperate. My central nervous system would crash, and there would be nothing I could do about it because there's no more nutrition coming, and taking off work is not an option. So there is true misery and suffering with in your body that you must cope with and how each individual handles that is their personal style. Everyone copes differently. Personal style cannot be taught. More than just being an amazing athlete I wanted the mindset of an elite athlete; being able to support myself through incredible hardships physically and mentally. I wanted to harness the power of my mind.. and with it I wanted to create a wild card.. something that even if I did not win the show it would turn heads.

With the Arnold I did just that! I only missed second place by one point and who knows what that could have been so third place at my very first Arnold Classic amateur women's physique division.. that's INCREDIBLE. LEAVE NO DOUBT.

**400.5** #HighPull for TEN #superset w 135 b.o.row x 10. Accomplished by the beautiful harmony of #power & #control . I never had 400 in my hands before!! +All the rest because #Iwantmymusclestohavemuscles !!! @supazanii ;D 2. #banded #Unilateral #LatPullDown focusing on the stretch 12x4 3. Same banded close grip 15x2 4. #LowRow 2pl 8x4 5. GYM CHANGE x-bdy #Biceps curl w #triceps squeeze 10-20x4 6. #HerculesCurl #PUUUMP 7. 30lb leaning #Laterals 6x3 8. 10lb 1&1/4 laterals w a medial press And that's not even all of it. #Bliss Time to #eathard! @bigfortress my biggest thanks! #IronLotus #GirlsWithMuscle #NotJustForLooks #ProYeo #Back #backtraining #FlexFriday #GWPL #Bodybuilding #Physique #Slaughter

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Future Goals

Right now, to be competitive in either of my sports I need to be bigger and stronger, so I am in a very important grow season. A lot of situations and good things have a lined for me to be focusing on my Athletics more than ever. I need to be very careful with what competitions I choose, if any. I am also continuing my education, with a focus on a strength certification from one of the most well-known gyms in Ohio. That begins this August.

My immediate goal is traveling to New Orleans in a few days to break some personal records. No meet, it's a birthday gym/coimetromania trip that I've been working very hard at.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to be featured once again! I'm not stopping or slowing down. In fact I've found new levels of bliss and obsession. 2020 may hold the pinnacle of my career..

I would like to shout out to my Prep Coach the one and only Terri McBee and Team Hardbody for supporting me throughout those 10 months and technically an entire year of competition prep and reverse diet. Vandella Costumes who made my suit for both the shows, some last-minute posing sessions with Kenny Wallach, gym sponsorship from IFBB Pro Jimmy Momany at Iron Works gym as I got closer to the Arnold. Photographer Kellie Miller and DanRay Photography!!!

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