Angela O'Neill - Figure Competitor

My name is Angela O'Neill. I am brand new to the fitness industry as of January 2016 I learned the importance of health and wellness at a young age as my father has been a major player in the natural health industry, on the opposite side, my mother's health has never been stable so I was able to see both sides of the spectrum and become passionate about feeling my best. I decided to compete in the INBF Natural Body Building Competition in the Figure category in May 2016. I decided it was time to update my Wonder Woman and activate my determination.

Prior to my competition, I tried many low-cal diets. Whether it be the trendy new thing or just eating clean and cleansing. Nothing stuck! I was on a mission and off the mission... on the mission and off the mission... My On-Season diet taught me an enormous amount of knowledge about eating more calories of the right foods. I followed a food list and my coach monitored my calories making adjustments as we moved forward. It was a whole foods list with every food group and options that get you shredded fast. I went from 165 pounds to 122 stage weight. After my competition I was reversed dieted back onto the amount of calories I was at when I first started. I have been following that same procedure with minor changes in the last 3 months and have stayed within a 10 pound gain but mostly less. The only time I reach that 10 is after my snacks! Otherwise I eat very similar to my prep diet.

From all of the weight loss programs I have tried, the way I eat and the mindset I am in has been the most effective. People who eat two times a day and are afraid to put food in their mouth from scenarios I have seen are gaining weight or definitely not losing. The amount of food I was taught to eat and following that every 2.5-3 hours a day told my body what to expect. I had to retrain my body just like you fix the parts of your car. Competing and following a lifestyle during and after taught me to eat for fuel instead of luxury. I utilize shakes and add in protein bars as I product Partner with Usana, having options that are fun and tasty are a great add in with whole foods. My recommendation for gains is eating more calories and knowing how many you need to eat based on your strength goals.

As I was starting to take charge of my health before deciding to compete I was asked if a competition would be something I would do. I absolutely had no desire at that time. When I saw my business partners stage photos I guess I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I remember deciding instantly that I was doing it. I called up her coach, signed up with a trainer in their facility and 16 weeks later was brand new. I have this weird thing going on where I have been confident and not confident with my body at the same time. There has always been a side to me that felt very comfortable in my skin at every size but not so comfy when I'm not at my best. Walking across the stage was very scary. I was quite nervous. I actually went the wrong way and pretty much got lost on stage which in Figure world is definitely not flattering. lol... I did it for the journey and the squatbooty. I enjoyed the lifestyle more than the 30 minutes on stage. Is that terrible to say? See the interesting part is I'm speaking from a first timer experience. Afterwards you are so blessed for the outcome, the finish line. The fact that you did what you set out to do. I will be doing it all over again in January.

I keep my training quite simple. During the season and out of season. I heard about various running styles and I started running laps on the track, other days I ran on the treadmill when it was cold outside. Afterwards when it warmed up I ran outside. When I started training I trained twice a week with my trainer and ran about 45 minutes 5 times a week. I incorporated ab workouts and simple things when I started to learn basic gym routines. By the end of season I hit the gym 2-3 times around my trainer days and ran an 1hr 5 days a week. After my competition I followed a simple program given to me by my coach as I learned my way around the gym independently.

It consists of targeting four body parts for 60 minutes. Each is 15 minutes long as many sets as possible between 8=10 reps. Easy! I have stayed pretty close to stage actually and it's going quite well! Balancing my diet and training takes will power. Balancing in snacks and the 80% 20% rule is key. It takes strong self talk and intent to make sure you are creating a healthier lifestyle that sticks. I find I have re-direct my thoughts back to my purpose and long term goals so I remember to stay committed to my health and of course new body! Because I eat similar to my prep diet when I'm not having snack days... I have just tried my best to stay active in the gym 5 times a week and have team mates join forces to make sure we stay accountable to our cardio. That one I find can slip the fastest in my experience.

When it was time to hit stage day- leading up to that event I actually reacted differently than I thought. I had slid through the experience on a cloud. I was focused, this was what my goal was and I did what I had to do. Moving forward the event I started realizing wait a second, this is a competition and I could potentially win! My focused became winning of course! Then I was nervous and placed 7th which was still awesome. But it took me some time to stop being a poor sport. I was actually a little bit of a poor sport afterwards, I will admit. I'm not sure how others have felt but I went through that temporary zone where you look at what you didn't do right instead of what you did. I'm the type of person who requires progression so I complete one task and I am on to the other. They say you never learn your lesson until you learn your lesson. So I learned that I had to remain humble to my goal and my purpose. I had been waiting for my breakthrough and this was it. I had spent a period of time researching awesome vitamins and decided to product partner with Usana Health Sciences as their multivitamin still has me feeling like a billion bucks! I took my active Facebook page Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies that was made almost a year ago and wanted to provide all the tools I could to help others succeed in whatever gave them more energy and confidence. I now run an active Healthy Mind & Body Coaching Business, sell different options for meal prep containers for prepping and walk people through their own experience teaching them about learning how to eat, how to get healthy and stay there. Inside and out. I plan on completing in May and starting my prep for January and look forward to seeing where my discipline in my training will take me this time!

You can reach me on Facebook at: Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies, My Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Meal Prep Sunday Edition YouTube channel. You can also reach me at with any questions and my website

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