Angela Kessler - Physique Competitor

I have played sports my whole life. I kind of had a rough childhood and sports were a positive outlet for me. I have thought about competing since college, but I never had the confidence to follow through. After giving birth to our daughter in 2014 I decided it was now or never. I spent the next year losing the 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy and getting my body back in shape. I decided to do my first figure show in March of 2016. I placed 1st in masters and open, but it was obvious that I should move to WPD.

This is my first off-season and I am trying to put on a lot of muscle so I get to eat a lot. During off-season I get more red meat, fats, and even desserts. During prep my diet is a mix of lean protein sources, good fats, and complex carbs.

Diet is a tough one for me. I have always been in pretty good shape and my body responds really quick when I am disciplined. I have tried carb cycling, very low carb, and higher carb/lower fat. I need carbs. I believe in finding a good healthy balance and I donít like cutting out a complete food group.

Building self-confidence to compete: Honestly, this is the hardest part for me and the reason that I did not start competing a long time ago. This is one of the most subjective sports there is. You can give 110% day in and day out, but you may not be what the judges are looking for that day. Having to get up in front of a huge crowd and let them judge you in a tiny suit is terrifying. I knew that this was something I would always regret at least not trying and I want my daughter to be confident and go after her dreams so I decided to give it a try. I was a nervous wreck my first show and just knew I was going to get up there and freeze or fall, but I survived and realized you canít really see anyone with the lights in your face. I do recommend practicing walking and posing a lot.

I have a great coach David Schachterie that believes in lifting heavy and not doing a crazy amount of cardio! Being a soccer player my whole life I love HIIT training and I know you can get great results in a short amount of time. I get bored easy so long drawn out cardio is not for me.

My first WPD show was in Nov 2016 (Texas State). It was a great show everything from check-ins to finals went really smooth. It helped that I had several good friends doing the show with me. There are those that have an attitude and are not friendly, but most of the people I have come across during my first year of competing have been awesome. I respect and encourage anyone that is willing to put in the work, dedication, and sacrifice it takes to compete.

I plan on competing at Dallas Europa June 18 and then going to Team Universe June 30 and hopefully coming home with my Pro-card in WPD a week after I turn 39! I plan to continue being an athlete for my husbandís clothing company (Anabolik Clothing). Long term goal is to be a healthy fit role model for my daughter. I think so many moms get consumed with taking care of everyone else and forget to take care of themselves. My family always comes first, but I love my 5:00am workouts while they are sleeping!

Angela Kessler

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