Andrea Wallace - Bikini Competitor

I began to compete back in May 2014 by the recommendation of a friend of mine that competed, I always had an interest!

My diet off season stays relatively clean. I have several food allergies, oats, eggs, all dairy, and gluten, so it limits a lot of what I can eat. I stick to lean meats, veggies, some fruit (mostly low sugar berries and only off-season), rice, sweet potatoes and lots of black beans. As far a protein supplement, I am limited to vegan proteins. What works best for weight loss and building muscle is consistency! It's not dieting, itís nutrition. High amounts of lean proteins, lower carb, complex carbs only, lots of green veggies, and going no longer than 3 hours between meals. Eating breakfast everyday within 45 minutes of being awake is important too!

I havenít tried too much that has failed. Extremely low carb diets for long periods of time tend to lean me out too much personally, so, Iíve learned to adjust that accordingly.

I plan meals around training each day (knowing which meals to eat before and after training, etc.). Training involves mostly weights, 6 days per week, each body part worked 2-3 times per week, and cardio 3 times a week. Cardio increases pre-contest as well!

Iíve always been an outgoing person who is completely comfortable in front of a crowd, but remembering that we get one life, itís short, and living every moment to the fullest helps shake off stage nerves pretty fast!

I remember feeling so much excitement from my last competition (Nationals at the Pittsburgh Pro) of seeing all the other competition, the posing, the choices of suits, jewelry, and the sea of beautiful, fit people chasing the same goals I am. I remember knowing where my strengths were, and acknowledging my areas needing improvement, forcing me to become that much more driven to be better!

Future plans are competition in May of this year, hoping for first in my class to qualify for Nationals, then compete in Nationals and onto a pro card! I am also considering competing at the Olympia amateur for a big change and challenge! I will be competing at the Arnold in March of 2018 as well.


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