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Andrea: I began competing in 1990 in bodybuilding I did very well winning several first place and overall, I also have competed in the Ms. Fitness in Manhattan NY. Obstacle course competitions such as the Galaxy and Women's Tri-Fitness competition in Vegas. I placed first in the NPC figure division in Delaware. I took time off for 13 yrs from competing. I am a registered nurse and got into other endeavors I was interested in such as horse rescue and youth ministry work with my church. I returned to competition when I heard of the new division physique. I have been told I have great genetics and shape and to see what I could do with it. I placed first and overall in the NPC Tracey Greenwood classic in Media PA which qualified me for nationals last year where I placed 3rd in my class which I missed my pro card but this year 2014 I went back to nationals and received my pro card. My plans were to do the Pro masters shortly after but I am currently in the midst of selling a home and a possible big move to Florida so it was best to hold off at this time. I will be planning shows for 2015 shortly.

My diet... I had Fred Smalls IFBB Pro do my nutrition last year and this year. I start approx 12 wks out and my macros are cycled depending on how I look each week. Off season I allow myself to have cheat meals a couple times a week so I don't feel like I am isolating myself. It is usually at gatherings with friends or family or a nice dinner out with someone special. My energy levels are lousy when carbs go under 50 but sometimes it is necessary to achieve the desired look needed for competition. I rather feel strong and do more work in the gym than cut the calories so we experiment.

Supplements that I used were Nutritional Roc supplements highest grade with no fillers, crush by American Muscle helped with preworkouts, Amino Acid Tren and concrete by premacor are also on my shelf. C4-cellucor is my fat burner love it!! For proteins Dyamatize for short acting and Phase 8 by muscle tech and UMP by Beverly International for long acting proteins.

My weight training I train legs 3 times a week I split up hams, quads and glutes. First time I work them its heavy 2nd time high rep...Upper body I seem to cut up really fast so I maintain heavy weights no high rep to hold on to muscle in the cutting phase. Off season I rotate heavy one day of that body part then high rep 2nd time. Cardio is light in the off season.. on season it goes up to twice a day 40min am 30min pm...I enjoy sprints, bicycle and stairmaster!

Thank you so much for your interest in me anyone needing help let me know!! God bless!

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Andrea Farmer

Andrea Farmer