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Andrea: I had been told for years that I should compete based on my physique and dedication to working out. After I saw my first show, I decided that it was something I wanted to do and added it to my bucket list of things to do before age 50 but did not actively pursue going on stage and just lifted weights to “maintain”. My story is interesting in that I was highly anemic and did not know it. So, I would lift weights but I never really showed muscle growth. I suffered a knee injury doing Tae Kwon Do (I was state champ for a few years) and the anemia was discovered. Once I got that under control, I began to have more muscle growth and vascularity. It was at that point that I started with a trainer, got on a meal plan and did my first show. I was going to do Figure but went to see a show and saw the women’s Physique division and determined I would prefer to flex on stage than do model poses. I did 3 years of local shows (one show a year), placed in all and qualified to attend nationals. In 2014 I went to North Americans in Pittsburgh and got my pro card on my first attempt.

During off season I still eat clean but get more calories from larger portions and carbs in almost every meal (I can eat an apple with my oatmeal off season!) and depending on goals, may even eat two “cheat meals” a week. During contest prep, we cut back on carbs and if I start to lose too much, implement more fats. I carb cycle when getting ready for a show where I will do 3 days low and then a re-feed. What diet have you found most effective to lose weight and build muscle (meals, calories) High protein/low carbs/healthy fats. Protein from fish…Carbs from Ezekiel Bread, sweet potato and fats from whole eggs and avocado.

Andrea Boudreaux

Andrea Boudreaux

Failed diet: Going zero carbs when trying to lose weight for longer than a few days does not work well for me. My metabolism seems to slow down if I do no carbs for too long. It works for immediate weight loss but after a few days I stop losing.

It is off season so I am doing progressive overload training to try to build more size. I lift as heavy as I can and each week try to increase reps or weight. I am now doing a three days on, one day off cycle on weights and cardio daily except for the day after leg day. How do you balance training with diet? I am eating more calories now for growth but only eating clean. I do a “cheat” once a week for a metabolic reset where I eat high in fat and low in sugar (burger and fries being my favorite) and I eat red meat after a heavy leg day.

I practice posing routine to a point I can do it without thinking at the gym in a mirror where anyone can see me who is working out. Also, the more shows I have done, the more confident I have gotten. I am nervous every time I go on stage but I have grown to relax more. I honestly enjoy showing off my hard work. Having a great support system of friends and family helps also

My first pro-show was this year in Shreveport. I was not prepared. From the moment I saw who I was competing against, I got intimidated. They all looked so good! I realized that I no longer was a big fish in a little pond, lol. I did terrible on stage. I did not have a coach that had experience with how a pro show runs and I dumbly had not watched one before doing the show. I did what I knew to do from the amateur stage but I was so intimidated, I did not do well at all. The more experienced Pros were very supportive and kind in their encouragements so I ended up enjoying the experience and looked on it as a true learning experience. I worked hard on improving the entire season and got over that feeling that I was not good enough and improved with each show until at my last show in Pittsburgh this year I felt great on stage and prepared.

At the moment I plan to focus on growth and improvements in my weak areas - specifically my legs - and not compete for a full year (something I feel I should have done last year). When I hit the stage again, I hope to be in my best condition ever with more size in the right spots and symmetry. I have no vision of Olympia at this age but I hope to be one of the competitive faces of IFBB Pro Female Physique Masters Division and a positive role model for all women.

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