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My name is Anastasia and I am a full time gym freak!

I am 33 years and I have been training for 4 years. I would never thought that I will be a pro athlete one day and never even thought to join the gym or restricted myself with any sort of diet. But like they say ‘never say never.’

So it’s all started in August 2012 when the chain of budgeted gym came to my area and opened the gym just 5 min away from my house. So I decided to join it just to lose a bit of weight and get toned (well that is what I thought I will do). That time I had no clue about muscles, exercises, nutrition or supplements. All had in my head is to get healthier and get skinny, well that is what every single girl wants.

I joined the gym just to do classes to be honest, 4 times a week of Tabata, spin class, body pump and some circuit training. And to attend a free weights area was a pretty mush impossible mission to me as I was too scared to look stupid around big guys and people who are aware of lifting weights.

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After 5 months of 4 times a week training in the studio in groups I noticed that it’s getting a bit boring and really wanted to do more on a side. One time, I remembered that clear, one of the PTs in that gym told me ‘If you want to see difference in your body you need a PT, otherwise you won’t be able to do it by yourself’. Well, I guess it was such a big statement to say it to me, knowing that I am a perfectionist and I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals (not only in the gym but in personal life as well). So after that I started to attend free weights area but only for squats and some legs exercise. And to be honest I felt so good and strong as it was so different to group classes.

But I had a problem, I had no clue about what exercises are good, how do they work and what it is for. So every evening before bed I started to do my own research online about training and different varieties of work outs and slowly started to practice them on the gym floor. I think within 3-4 months I knew how to perform basic and essential work outs and started to see the results.

Another problem I had is that I had no clue about nutrition and essential macros and again I started to research on that topic again and based on that I created my own meals but still didn’t do my meal preps at home, was more eating out but healthier version.

4 years after I am a holder of 3 Pro Cards with 3 Trophies for 1st places in my all competitions. What achievements! Still can’t believe it.

Last year one of my friends suggested me to compete as she knew how much passion and dedication I have for training. Well, I said to her ‘NO’ straight away as I couldn’t see myself dieting so much, doing countless hours of training and cardio and also dehydration time. And on top of that I couldn’t imagine myself on a stage in bikini posing in front of 100s people. That was an absolute no-no to me.

However, few weeks after that conversation I say advertising on one of the tube station for boot camp for fitness competition and I thought before I say definite no to that, let me go and see what is about. So I went to the boot camp of Miami Pro in London and guess what? One of the posing teacher said to me that I better compete as my look was stage ready. I was in shock as I believed that I still had lots of body fat. That comment took me by surprise, so I slept on it and within few weeks I paid to enter that competition. I placed 1st in Figure category and 1st in Muscle model category and was over the moon to have those trophies in my hands!!!

Diet and Training

Well diet is a key to everything. Competing or not, I still can’t leave my house without my meals which are cooked in the morning, measured and packed. I am a big fan of Keto diet (very low carb diet under 30 grams of carbs a day) and out of all other diets it works so well for me. The only difference between my comp prep life and off season that I add one cheat meal to my diet every 14 days. On a comp prep diet I have only one cheat meal within 12 week of prep.

I can explain why Keto is a good option, especially if you a female who has ability to store fat easy and hard to lose it. Ketosis is simply a process in your body when its start using your stored fat as fuel but if you never tried it before, it will take 21 days for your body to understand it and then the results are amazing. As I am not consuming enough carbs to provide energy I need to make sure that supply of Essential aminos in my body and also protein intake is at the highest as you don’t want to lose all those hard earned muscles while dieting. So bare it in mind. BCAA and whey protein is a must!

On my off season I usually consume around 1800 kcal per day split into 5/6 meals. On my comp prep diet I drop my kcal to 1350 with same amount of meals.

Failed diet: To be honest I tried carb cycle diet and it was ok to the point when you get used to it and your body doesn’t respond to it anymore. That is why you always need to mix and match different variations of diet to reach your goals. Our body is a smart machine and you need to know how to trick it. Carb cycle diet usually based on 3 days of low carb high protein high fats days and 1 day ‘refeed’ when you increase your carb in take by nearly 70% but decrease fats equally . It can help to gain lean muscle mass and also stay lean on off season time. But in my opinion keto diet works the best for my body.

Training is another interesting aspect of my gym/fitness life. I never like cardio but have to do it while I am on my comp prep. So I would say I am a heavy weights lover and always will be. Heavy weights are female’s best friend. I keep on saying to all female that lifting heavy won’t make them big or bulky. Opposite, it will make them leaner and help build leam muscles, simply because female don’t carry that much testosterone to grow as much as men can be.

So on my com prep I train twice a day 6 time a week. My training consist of: 45 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning + 45/60 min weights training in the evening + 30 minutes post weights cardio. On off season I would still keep fasted cardio for 30 minutes 4 times a week and post weight cardio will drop off completely only 4-5 weeks after show. I will basically slowly decrease it when the show is over.

I usually train by group muscles.
Monday: Chest/Triceps/Abs
Tuesday; Back/Biceps/Abs
Wednesday: Hamstring/Glutes/Abs
Thursday: Shoulders/Abs
Friday: Top up day (basically I train muscles which didn’t get enough pump during the week, usually its full arms and shoulders and abs again)
Saturday: Legs only
Sunday: Rest day

To be honest I am not a big fan of HIIT training, simply because I have enough cardio and it does the magic.
It is important to understand that diet is a key but also training as important too. You can’t eat unhealthy but train 2 hours a day and expect to see the results. As we all know that abs are made in the kitchen!!!

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On Stage

Self-confidence: I guess everyone who steps on a stage for fitness competition are scared and nervous, even the top athletes will have some nervous shaking just before stepping on a stage. So to be honest, I was nervous but I was more excited to show the judges all my hard work. Moreover, I have been practicing poses and T-walk (similar to catwalk) for 6 weeks before show so I knew exactly what to expect. I believe practice is a key when it comes to stage performance but also you need to take it more as fun part as after the show there is always going to be a big cheat meal with lots of sweets.

Also remember that you are prepping for 12 to 16 weeks for this particular day so the best advice is to have fun and take the most of the moment where your body at the best you can ever have.

Entering the show, prepping for 12 weeks, avoiding social life and basically living the life on your own it’s hard enough but when it comes to show time. Oh!!!!!..... believe me that is what I live for!

Meeting new people, joking and sharing funny stories of your comp prep is so much fun. And of course most importantly eating the best possible crap after the show…sorry I can’t put it in writing …it is something unreal.

All contestants bring a whole language full of sweets and all sort of junk food with them to the show for back stage treat. Most of them share it with each other and enjoying the moment.

Also not to forget that dehydration moment which take a place a day before completion when your water intake from 8/10 litters dropped to 1 litter a day before contest then to 0 on competition day?…sad time but it’s all part of the game. I remember I had a massive pint glass of water with ice after stage and I couldn’t wait to have it.

I could write more and more about the show day but it’s really hard to explain the buzz and excitement you get when you receive your trophy or any sort of prize. You are over the moon and walking back stage with trophy while all contestants standing there and applauding you, it’s probably worth of all that hard work you put together while prepping for the show.

Future Plans

I am at the moment 13 days out for my next show and 3 weeks out for my second show. Which will take a part in UK Hayes and Milton Keynes. I am pretty much exhausted, moody and constantly hungry but I am willing to do everything to experience that moment above again.

My training and gym life is everything to me at the moment, I live and breathe with it. I like the sweat, good pump and most importantly the feeling after a good session in the gym even though I crawl back home time to time. But looking at my physique and achievement I made so far I wouldn’t change it for anything!!!!


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