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Anastasia: Pole dancing is an amazing kind of exercise. It has it all. Mix of sport, fitness, dancing, gymnastics. It can be ballet or exotic dancing, flips from pole to pole or contemporary, art and theater. We have so many different styles. It is wonderful. And everyone can find something for him/her self. I read somewhere that pole dancing it is a best physiologist you could ever have. It makes you confident, you start loving, appreciating your self. After the class you always with a big smile and with a lot of energy. Then it definitely makes you fit. I saw some crazy inspiring changes that women or men went thru when they started pole dance. It makes people believe in themselves. Proves that they can get everything they really want. And that age and shape doesn't mean anything. And our pole dancing community is one of the most supporting that I ever met.

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Muscles involved:
All. All your body. From toes to your nose :) We use all our muscles. Arms, neck, abs, back, legs, toes. Everything. But of course it depends what kind of pole dancing you are doing.

Pole dancing is a lot of fun. But at the same time it requires a lot of strength and stamina. When you dance or lift your body up the pole or upside down - you are working really hard. You engage all your muscles. In my classes we did a lot improvisation when you need to stay on the pole during 4/5 minutes song and without touching the floor. That burns fat very well. Moving and constantly repeating tricks and combos also makes you fit. And what is great that it never gets boring - There are so many moves and transitions to learn.

Anastasia Skukhtorova - one of the best pole dancers in the world, pole dance/pole fitness instructor, performer, competitor

- The most photogenic pole dancer of the world 2014
- World pole cup champion 2012/2013
- 2nd runner up in Pole World Cup 2011/2012
- 2nd runner up in Pole Art 2011
- International pole dancing judge
- The Finalist
of the World Pole Dance Championship 2010/2011
- The Best Russian Pole dancer 09/10
- UPA's Pro Pole Dancer of the June 2010

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