Anais Ato - Bikini Competitor

* First place Olympia Spain

When I was 16 years old I had several intolerances and stomach pains. I started to diet because I did not know how to choose my food well to be nourished, have energy and perform at its best. Since I was little (at age 4) I started to practice Ballet and I have always been passionate about sports. Once I began to eat a balanced diet and go regularly to the gym, my body began to evolution very well and a beautiful transformation began. I started to learn about the world of bodybuilding, I read magazines and I was passionate about physics and healthy lifestyle, so I decided to compete at age 18. After making a preparation focused on bikini, I made my first competition at 19 years.

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My diet is very balanced, it doesnít matter if I'm in season or out of season. However, what is modified is the variety and quantity of food. But I always include proteins, hydrates and fats. The truth is that diet is managed by my coach and I try not to worry about calories or their effectiveness in my body. Itís a great help and rest to have a professional that deals with these matters so that I simply dedicate myself to execute the work and enjoy the preparation. Athletes are not usually objective with ourselves, so itís a great help to have a coach to worry about your diet. At other times I tried much stricter diets with little variety of foods and they were not effective because I did not have enough energy to give 100% in the gym.

I train a muscle group every day every day of the week, officially I should train only 6 days and rest the seventh, which I usually do not because I love to train, so I train every day and I combine my workouts. My training focuses on lifting weights and a bit of cardio (I almost never do HIIT because carrying the diet very well is not usually necessary). In pre-competition times to keep such a clean diet I reduce or eliminate my cardio sessions and I lifting (that's what I enjoy the most) although I also like cardio a lot.

Since I was little I have done ballet performances, so I feel familiar with the stage and the audience, even though the nerves and emotion are much greater in the competition.

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The first competition of this season was at the Olympia Amateur Spain, after being three years without competing. I lived this nervous experience and with great enthusiasm to return to enjoy the world that I love. At check-in I began to be aware that the moment I had expected so much was going to arrive and I could only feel happy and grateful for everything I was experiencing.
In the prejudice I was really happy and focused on showing all the work I had been doing for so long, I listened to my family and friends in the audience and they filled me with love and emotion, that made me even happier.
The finals were beautiful because I got the first place and I could see in the public happiness face of my coach. Believe in me and my possibilities and with the help of all of them and God was fulfilling a great dream.

Being an athlete is something that makes me very happy and does not affect my life at all, I have a wonderful job that has nothing to do with sports and I go out with my colleagues always with my meals ready, I organize the training time, eat and enjoy of family and friends

My idea is to continue competing in the IFBB PRO LEAGE enjoying every gift that life gives me and if God wants to get my professional license and compete in the PRO League, it would be a great dream come true.

Next week I will compete in Portugal and then in Benidorm (Spain). A great season ahead awaits me and I hope that my dreams come true.


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