Amber Wold - Figure Competitor

My name is Amber Wold and I am a figure competitor and mother of a 3 and 5 year old boys. I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and manager and supervisor at Global Fitness Gym in Kelowna B.C.

About five years ago I had never even heard of fitness competitions, I was new to the fitness industry and my background was adventure races like the Spartan and Tough Mudder. A friend had told me about these type of (fitness) competitions, so I looked online and thought it may be fun and great new goal to work towards. My first attempt did not go well, I hired a coach that was very “old school” she wanted me to do hours of cardio and take supplements that I wasn’t comfortable taking. Being a young mother of two boys, hours of cardio & questionable supplements, did not fit into my lifestyle and then a re-torn meniscus really took my out of the game. I did not compete that year but decided I would take a full year recover from my knee injury, and train with a coach that fit my values and could work with my busy schedule.

When I started working at Global I found Angelique Kronebusch and Morgan Dechsheimer. They are amazing natural Body Building Coaches. Angelique worked with me with training and mostly posing. And Morgan my training and Nutrition Coach.

At least 20 weeks out I train 4-6 days a week lifting weights, I incorporate Hiit 2-3 times a week.. and/or maybe a little cardio (like once or twice a week). It is very flexible as I start with weights and maybe 10 mins of hiit before or after and see how things progress alongside my diet. It is not a cookie cutter plan as there are always so many variables that may factor in like if I am leaning out enough without tons Cardio then I don’t need to add it in.

You would think, this being my third competition it would get easier but mentally you have to re-prepare for the grind. Everyone’s struggle is different but for me it is DIET. I love the gym, I love doing weights, but for me it’s the nutrition aspect that is so key and so important.

When I am prepping for a competition I start to weigh everything and keep a certain ratio of FATS:CARBS:PROTEIN, I have a pretty flexible diet until at least 12 weeks out and then I follow what my nutrition coach sends me and because I work and train with him we can adjust things as we go. After competition I still tend to follow a very clean diet but allow for extra carbs or glass of wine when desired. During prep I am most successful with a diet that is higher in protein to support the muscle growth, less in carbs to help me lean out as well as I have never restricted the amount of veggies I can consume.

I found when I tried to follow the first coach I found her diet was not complimentary to my needs. Way too much carbs, too big of portions and then as mentioned before supplements suggested that I wasn’t comfortable taking such as fat burners etc. I am not fan of those.

The first time I hit the stage I felt amazing but shook like a leaf literally; my legs were hard to keep steady and I even got the “elvis” lip when I smiled. I am a pretty confident person but when you actually get out there, your nerves can take over. After that I decided my goal would be to not shake next time. To try to own the stage, have fun and let my personality show thru. With many hours of posing practice and coaching from Angelique this last competition was my best so far. It helps knowing what to expect as well. About 12-16 weeks out of our competitions Angelique holds 1 hour group posing sessions for all competitors at Global Fitness.

This recent BCABBA Kelowna Classic show just this past May7 was by far my favorite. Not only because was it in my home town and I had cousins, friends and even my two little boys there but I felt great. I knew what to expect and I knew I was ready to show my sass and personality on stage and I did just that. Unfortunately the evening show took so long for us to get onstage, I was exhausted and spent. They had us line up pump up and then go back and wait so it was a little hard to time when to eat your pre-show food and pump to look the best for the evening show. I will use this experience to help me prepare for next year’s Provincials.

Kelowna Show I placed
Qualifying me for BCABBA Provincials in 2016 and 2017.

I will be enjoying my summer and planning on competing in 2017 PROVINCIALs NATURAL DIVISION.

You can find me at Global Fitness in Kelowna BC.

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