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I ran into a trainer back in 2014 while I was working out one day and he (Luis) asked me if I would be willing to give him a try. I thought to myself sure why not. After my first session I decided to hire him because I loved the workout. After some time he asked me if I ever thought about competing and I told him I have. We decided to get me ready for my first show in bikini I was Luis's first competitor. We quickly learned I was a better fit for Figure so the next show I did both. I did much better in Figure so I dropped bikini.

Off-season I like to enjoy myself and allow myself the things I love like carbs and sweets. When I am on prep for a show I have done many different things. Each prep is different. I have done a low fat diet, Keto, and the 20% fats, 20% carbs, 40% protein diet. My protein is always pretty high. My main sources of protein are ground turkey, ground beef, fish, and eggs.
The Keto diet I was my softer on that diet than all the others. Plus the low carb were very hard on me mentally I never got over the Keto Flu.

I lift 4-6 days per week and do cardio almost everyday. When it's off season I do take a rest day when I am getting close to a show I do cardio daily. I also enjoy yoga so I try to take a class 1-3 times a week. I always end a workout with yoga. I do mix in some HIIT training for my cardio.

OMG Iím so over the moon! I canít believe that Iím actually an #ifbbpro!! Iím so blessed to have had @ironweed99 by my side this whole prep season with @underrated_muscle! We did it together! Love you! #ifbbwomensphysique #bpisports #ohap5 #ifbbfigure #npcuniverse

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I just did once I saw my body change and get super lean I was excited to show it off.
The last show I did was NPC Universe I went into that show the calmest I have ever been, but of course I was still pretty nervous. I think it was strongly due to my friend Tanja, we prepped together this year and did the same shows. My fiance Q also has been a strong support to me this year (making sure I do my cardio even when I don't want to). This was my first year crossing over to Women's Physique and 2nd time stepping on stage as a WP Competitor. Don't get me wrong I was nervous about switching from Figure to WP. I'm very happy I made the switch because I earned my Pro Card and my friend did too!

I've always enjoyed working out and before I started competing I was working out at 5:00am during the week. I had to step my game up and work harder. Before competing I lifted 2-3 times a week. The other thing it has affected is the way I see myself a lot of people don't talk about the ugly side of competing. I do deal with body dysmorphia and I tend to over indulge in sweets after a show. I have to relearn how to love my body when I am not in competition shape.

Future plans: I am trying to decide when I want to do my first pro show. That is still up in the air for me.

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