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I never intended to compete, but after switching to a new gym, my now coach @deschene_thedictionary approached me in the gym and said "you REALLY should compete! You are only weeks away" At first, it was NOT happening - I really didn't like the whole "glam" side of it, but after a few weeks, I thought " you know what? I can do it on my own terms" so I decided to do it and low and behold I won!

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I eat a plant based diet and am VERY strict to it. I have very sensitive guts, so I am pretty careful with how I eat. I eat intuitively and a high carb, low protein ratio. My body does really well on that. Not processed carbs, but real foods! When I am in prep, my carbs drop significantly and protein increase. My body does not like it still, and I am still working on finding a tolerable balance. For those that will ask: where I get my protein - there is sufficient protein in everything. I eat about 60 grams a day, and 90 to 100 on prep. I have no trouble gaining muscle on my 5ft.8" frame! During prep, my protein comes majority from edamame and tofu/tempeh.

I cannot consume too high of protein, and I am still trying to find a good balance with my coach. This prep for my upcoming show has been challenging bc my body tends to, well, "hold" onto waste and water. It has been a struggle and colonics have been real

I am still building confidence - every damn day! I use training as a tool for building my confidence! That really is my ultimate goal with all this! Challenging my self-doubt and teaching myself that I am good enough and that I can do anything I set my mind to!

95% of my year round work is strength training, about 90% of that being free weight work (not machine) I train using periodization technique, and love pushing myself at the gym. My cardio is my mountain biking and evening walks along the rotary trail. This is therapeutic for me. I always make time foe it. During prep it is StairMaster all the way! The balance of training with diet is simply that I work my ass-off in the gym and support my body and mind with sound nutrition

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3 weeks out. Yeah that's right - I practice posing in my 120 year-old basement cuz that's how we roll on Russell st. @deschenes_thedictionary @ifbb_pro_fedel_clarke fitness #fit #fitgirl #fitmom #fitatforty #fitspo #fitspiration #bikinimasters #mastersbikini #bikinicomp #bikinicompetitor #plantstrong #muscle #compprep #bikiniprep #allnatural #motivation #determination #goals #cardio #workout #gymmotivation #bodybuilding #girlswholift #nomeatathlete #ontariomuscle #canadianphysiquealliance

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Well, I have not yet competed at the next show, but I am 2 days away! It has been tough. It is a National show and boy, I have had my doubts along the way. I have almost given up on myself a handful of times, not because I couldn't handle to eating or work, but the mental side of things. Seeing many of the other female competitors' physiques has shaken my OWN belief in myself on many days, coupled with my body judy not working the way it usually does, and the fact that we don't often see the good changes happening to our bodies when we are scrutinizing them so heavily in prep, instead we see what we are still lacking. I am building mental toughness every day, and this is the reward

Being an athlete keeps me feeling good and always working to be a great person. I start my day in the weight room and I use whatever energy, whether anger or happiness to fuel my workout. I dig deep and push myself. I learn new things, and use training as a tool to work hard in all aspects of my life. It is my teacher.

No future plans! I will see how this show goes and if I feel inclined to compete again, I will! I love inspiring people, and also, I LOVE the fact that I have inspired others to adopt a more plant based lifestyle. This is the greatest motivator for me! I have had so many people cut their animal consumption, even go vegan because of the work they see me doing. This makes me feel amazing!


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