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I was a swimmer back in Brazil from the age of 6 to 17. When I moved to US, it was impossible to enter a swimming team in school. They usually started practice at 6am and I could barely make it to school at 8am my first year. I did not drive and I depended on friends to give me a ride to school or take the public transportation. But I needed to find something to keep my body active so I joined a gym and learned a completely different way to move my body. I decided to take it to a competition level to fulfill my cravings for sport competitions. I took my time to learn more about the art and science of building my body and after a few years of training, I decided to step on stage for the first time last year.

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My diet is pretty consist during pre-contest and off-season. I learned all I could about ketogenic diets and lived that way for almost 5 years. My coach’s approach was always towards keto; low-carb, high-fat.
During my off-season I allow things like cheese and fatty meats. During pre-contest I only eat lean meats, avocado, whole eggs, and olive oil. Carbs are allowed only pre and post workout. And we take them off completely when we enter the 8 weeks out from a show.

High carb diets are a no no for me. I do not feel well eating oats in the morning or sweet potatoes each meal. I refuse to become a sugar-burner again. My body is a fat-burner machine - oils, lean meat and avocado are my best friends.

I do fasted cardio 4 to 5 days a week for 30 to 45 min and 1 day to 2 a week I do 15 to 30 min HIIT post training. I train 6 days a week different muscle groups for not more than 1 hour and eat at least 5 times per day. I balance everything out because I love what I do. It is not as hard as everyone may thing, it is a pleasure for me.

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I took a lot of pictures during my preparations that allowed me to see consist progression and each time I saw myself looking better, I felt proud and gain confidence in myself.
Contest experience: I do not feel nervous, believe me or not. I had fun! I took pictures, I tried to talk to other athletes, exchange IGs, make new friends… However, I felt that most athletes in the back stage did not connect with anyone. I felt that they very worried about stepping on stage and kept themselves very close. I was grateful to have won my competitions and kept in mind that life is all about enjoying each day. We can’t take things too serious. All I can say is that my experiences backstage were completely different from what I expected but they will not take the smile I have on my face every time I am there.

I am a food and beverage manager, I worked in the best hotels in the world and I am now about to help open a restaurant in Los Angeles. I am also a sommelier and I love everything about wine. Crazy right? I am passionate about all the things I am not able to experience during my contests haha. My lifestyle has conflicted with my career a few times but most Chefs I have worked with respect my life outside work and I kept things as professional as I could. The only thing I can not do is trying all Chef’s delicious foods in the kitchen but they learned to not even call me for tastings if I am getting ready for a competition.

I am getting ready for a Pro Qualifier Show in Portugal on July 14th and in Spain on July 21st. If I win any of them, I will become an IFBB Pro and take my fitness career to another level.

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I also have a company I am working on with two athletes and partners. We are about to launch it very soon!
Please stay connected with me to learn more about the services I will provide to everyone interested in learning about nutrition and training. I look forward to helping everyone to find health again. My main focus is NOT athletes who want to step on stage but everyone who is struggling to get back in shape and gain that confidence in themselves back. Mind & body connected through nutrition and training!


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