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After about a year or so of training seriously, people started asking me if I compete. At first, I had no idea what they were talking about (in what, how, why?). I kind of laughed saying, "me? No way!" It got to the point where I was asked fairly frequently, so I began considering it and started asking them the questions. I decided in January of 2016 that I was going at it full force and I would coach myself through the entire process. I got myself a journal and labeled the first page, "how to compete."

Diet and Training

I don't strongly believe a major "bulk and cut" is necessary to maintain your goal physique if you are a natural competitor, which I am.
I maintain a relatively natural, balanced and flexible vegetarian diet. My overall calories remain pretty high in my off season and I gradually lower them leading up to a competition. I try to never put my body through any diet extremes. Typically before before a contest I will increase carbs one week out, taper them down (not much lower than 100g) and then add them in again before I go on stage.

My average protein intake is about 160g. I get my protein through eggs, Greek yogurt, superfoods, nuts, seeds, lentils, powder protein, quinoa, oats, brown rice & sweet potatoes.

I have a tendency to fail when it comes to extremely rigid dieting. It becomes difficult for me to take my mind off of what is being restricted and in turn I crave it more. I've learned to diet flexibly and listen to body along the way. I do restrict myself at times and I do not overindulge often, I just try to find a healthy balance.

I train legs 3x a week (quads, hamstrings, plyometric glutes). I will then typically pair up chest/tri, back/bi, delts & yoga and have a cardio or active rest day (climb/hike). I will choose one day a week to turn into a more circuit-like HIIT workout. If I have something coming up, I may decide to add ~30 mins fasted cardio in the morning or ~15 mins regular cardio before training in the evening.

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My diet stays relatively the same throughout my training program. I will typically drink a shake and eat my dinner walking out of the gym or before my drive home. If I know I'm going to have a heavy leg day, or need some extra energy, I will eat more carbs. If I'm feeling extra sore from a previous workout, I will eat more protein.

On Stage

I have actively worked on gaining and maintaining self-confidence and an optimistic outlook on life for about 10 years now. Self love and self care is VERY important to me and that largely contributes to how I carry myself. I've also come to enjoy the stage due to last dance competitions and posing practice every day.

My most recent competition was Team Universe Nationals. Nationals was only my second show. Being that this was still new to me and I didn't have the experience of the other girls- I was slightly nervous but being with my friend (who I had met at my first show) made it all the more better and SO much fun!!

I plan on becoming an IFBB Pro!! I will continue doing what I'm doing, living a healthy, all natural lifestyle and listening to my body. I also plan on getting certified as a pre/post natal fitness specialist which I am super excited about!

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Competition Prep e-Books

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