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Alyssa: I got into competing my senior year of high school. I played sports and was active my entire childhood up through high school and then come senior year sports and my activities were over, so I needed something to do to keep busy so I started to get more serious at the gym. I also used the gym as a therapy item because a lot was going on in my life and I was additionally getting ready to leave for bootcamp for the navy. So as I started incorporating the gym in my daily schedule my friend/trainer that worked at my gym brought up the idea to start to compete since I'm always up for a challenge and like to try to improve in all aspects of my life. I went through my first prep and did my first show and just feel in love with the sport from there.

From off season to pre-contest I like to overall keep my diet clean because I just feel better when I put good in my body. But obviously in the off season I enjoy more treats and follow IIFYM to keep my body where it needs to be. To loose weight and build muscle I found that carb cycling has worked the best alternating between high, medium, and low carb days.

Time for the pictures, yesterday I competed in the @musclecontest and didn't make first call outs. Am I upset? Not at all because I brought my best so far and improved tremendously from my show before. So no backing down, I'll just have to wait to see the judges critiques and I'm going to use these next 5 weeks to get ready for the next one September 3rd. #teamventura #npc #bikini #npcbikini #ravishsands #novice #open #jonlindsaymusclecontest #livefit #lvft #1upnutrition #notbackingdown #rule1proteins #evogen #tattoo #fitness

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For my very first show my diet consisted of very high protein intake and on some days no carbs. I didn't like that at all because I didn't have the energy I needed and weren't seeing results as how I planned. My diet just needed to be played around with a bit because it's all a learning experience on how your body reacts to certain approaches.

For my training programs the basics of include fasted cardio, lifting, and HIIT followed by lifting. I balance my training and diet together by eating my 6 meals every 2.5-3 hours apart to keep my energy and metabolism going. Then I'll include more carbs on more strenuous lifting days.

To build the confidence to show myself on stage was tough at first. I wasn't the leanest girl always walking around. But I put 110% in every workout I did at the gym, took progress pictures weekly, and surrounded myself with people who supported what I was trying to accomplish. I had to keep the mindset that I am doing this for myself and as long as I knew I gave it my complete effort there was nothing I could be upset about when walking across that stage even if the judges didn't think I was up to their standards.

With this last contest I did (July 23) I felt was more prepared than my recent shows. I felt I was at another level and looked the best I have so far. At the athlete check ins it just made me more anxious to step on the stage to show off what I had worked so hard the past 12 weeks for. At prejudging I didn't get first call outs but again like I said I wasn't upset because I brought my best package and all I can do is continue to improve on my overall physique. Then lastly at the night show I just had fun with it stepping back on the stage for the last time for that night keeping a positive attitude and congratulating the girls who placed.

My future plans are to continue to compete and hopefully at my next show (September 3rd) get nationally qualified. And if that doesn't happen I will continue to work towards that goal until it's reached. I also want to start my personal training certification and just expand my knowledge in this sport and industry.

Alyssa Pubentz

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