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A few years ago my grandfather passed away, I began drinking a lot to try and cover the pain. A few weeks after I began reading a book that made me realize I need to snap out of it. I have five children so needed to get it together! And well that's where it began I started prepping for my first bikini competition which I competed in July 2016. Since then I switched to figure, and in 2018 I will be making my physique debut!!

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Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My diet changes a lot. Through offseason I enjoy myself as much as possible and try to enjoy food and life with my children, who are so patient with me during prep!! I actually am competing in 3 days. It was a last minute decision and was actually able to prep 4.5 weeks. I went from 163 to currently sitting at 136. I did no carbs through the week and then did refeed son the weekend. This is my best look yet and the first time I have done this diet.
Failed diet: I have actually not had too many issues. I did eat a little too much on occasion and I may have slightly spilled over however I am usually so lean it's not that noticeable on stage.

I actually train 6 days on and one day off for cardio. I luckily do not have to incorporate my cardio, I have an amazing metabolism!

The first time I stepped on stage I was so frightened!! At the night show I actually completely forgot what I was doing, threw my hands up laughed and walked to the side of the stage! It was so embarrassing however I place second and from then on the fear slowly disappeared. We work so hard prepping for shows we need to be proud and strut because have already won!

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The most memorable of course is Team Universe where I got first callouts at my first national level show. I have good ones and bad. But now I know what to expect next year, so I can give it my all. At every show all the ladies are so nice, you meet so many new friends and find people you never realized were so close. This lifestyle has changed so much of me from my level of confidence to my physical changes.

Life as an athlete: Well as I said I have five young children, own a gym, train, and do online... so it's definitely a busy lifestyle. It is very hard at times to get ready, being tired and irritable... my kids eat some foods I wish I could have, hahaha. It isn't always easy but it is so rewarding. I am better parent, a better trainer, a role model. People take pictures in public and random people come up to me for advice, etc. It's living a life of a celebrity without being one. I never expected to find joy in anything like I do competing!

Future plans. hmm. After this weekends competition I will take a much needed 4 month break. Enjoy the holidays with my family! In March 2018 will make my physique debut and hopefully go pro a couple months after... big goals that I will achieve.


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